Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fast Five

Fast Five

The latest installment of The Fast & The Furious franchise.  Much maligned actor Vin Diesel rejoins franchise conspirators Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster for this edition of the series.

What's the same:  Cars, great driving and amazing stunts using, yep, cars.  The three have a "job" to do with the obvious complication of being misunderstood fugitives from justice.

In this edition we see the return of Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Matt Schulze, Sung Kang and Gal Gadot, Tego Calderon and Don Omar from the earlier F&F films.

What's New:  Fast Five takes place in Brazil, Rio De Janiero to be precise. We get some excellent visuals from the favela communities.  Dwayne Johnson is the major new addition.  He plays Hobbs, the "always get my man", FBI agent.  While known for his toughness, "The Rock" was even more bad ass in this film than his previous roles.

While movies like Fast Five aren't known for their exceptional acting, I have to say the acting was believable and each actor did a nice job with their individual roles.

Why should I go:  The action scenes follow the earlier films in putting together excellent car chases and schemes.  Also, the battle between Dom and Hobbs,(Diesel & Rock) was well done.  It does the job entertaining you for the 2+hours.

If you're a fan of the franchise it's a must see, just to see the development of Buster, Dom and Mia.  But as mentioned the action and plot is on par with the other films.

If you need any more motivation to see FF, did I mention the film has some extremely beautiful female characters, none better than Jordana Brewster.

Personally I still find the original and Tokyo Drift as my favorites in the series but Fast Five fits perfectly in the design of the franchise.

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