Monday, July 30, 2012

Orion's Shadows

Orion's March

Orion's Return

Orion's Waltz

The March was the original, then I wanted to make something different, which is the Return, and the differences between the Return and the Waltz are very slight, only a couple main differences in color and a bit of shade lightening.  I did it like this as the major action sequence is the darkness of man as he heads to war, the more jubilant yet still on the darker side, as in survivor's guilt etc.., and while feeling it not necessary to celebrate, those happy for the return are ready, and that's why the color is lightening up a bit more and a few more "happy colors" slightly patched in the final piece.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (For Creative Tuesdays)

This week over at Creative Tuesdays, the theme is BEATLE SONG.  I love music, and always have thought if it in so many ways beyond what the sound alone suggests.  When I hear a nice up-beat or grinding tempo, I often think of how the video for this song would go.  Quite frankly, almost every song that is played, I try to visualize a scenario as to how this particular song, and in which situations, it would make a great addition to any films soundtrack.  I like to listen to slower and/or depressing songs when I'm sad or low, upbeat songs when I'm in a good mood.  I like to think music can act as therapy to some degree, and finally, I always try to read into the symbolism of the songwriter's words.  Sometimes this last bit is tough to do, but even in songs created from the most simple of lyrics, I think it's possible to finding that subtext.  Anyhow, there are so many neat possibilities this exercise can have.

The theme here is quite a creative one.  I've used songs in my poetry many times, either as allusions or as the basis for interpretation, yet never really considering how nicely the idea would translate to creating visual art as well.

With so many songs to choose from here, it was tough to settle on one. I thought about a white painted canvass with 9's scattered all over the painting, as an interpretation for Revolution #9.  I thought about doing something with Helter Skelter, but couldn't quite get the repetitive motion of going up and down ladder/slide.  There were other ideas that came to me here as well, so I'm looking forward to seeing what songs others have chose to use and what interpretations are on display.

Finally I went with While My Guitar Gently Weeps, which was never my favorite Beatles song, but up there in the top 10, and the visual idea just popped in my head and I feel really worked well in the style I have a pretty good command of right now.

For those of you new to Creative Tuesdays, stop on over, check out all the wonderful art that is linked up and read through the guidelines, as we do this pretty much every week, so perhaps you can share your own take on the CT prompts in future weeks.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Displaced Frames of Genetics Overthrown by The Return of Disrupting Inner Forces

Been out of sorts this week.  It happens from time to time, hopefully it will pass soon, always does and in fact, feels a bit like it does when that's exactly what will happen.  Feeling like you don't or more like can't do anything, then a day of a little mobility until all of a sudden back to normal.  Anyhow, not to pour my "issues" on you all, but this is just my explaining why so many days have elapsed since my last painting.

This piece was basically finished last week, with just a few touch-ups today.  I used one of the templates I had and played with it a little.  All I could muster.  Thanks again to everyone that stops by, I do appreciate it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Christmas In July (For Creative Tuesdays)

Over at Creative Tuesdays, the theme of the week is Christmas in July, stop on by and see what presents are awaiting your eyes to unwrap the bliss within.

I have to admit, I had no idea what to do this week.  Perhaps it was a case of being only one week removed from Paradise Island, but the only thoughts I could relate to July were summer, beach, sand, fireworks.  So that said, I thought I'd put a different angle on the beach scene and then I added a volleyball/racquetball net, some towels, and for those wondering, that elongated shape next to the purple towel is supposed to be a horseshoe pit.  Then to solve the Christmas part I added a Tree, that is supposed to be made out of muddied sand, but not really sure that came out in the end and a manger scene just above the tree, which still looked a little bare to me, so I added some presents.

At this point I was content I guess, but still wanted to solidify the time falls in the month of July.  Aside from simply stating the theme, I wanted to include something that would indicate July.  I thought about adding some fireworks, in fact I did put some in there, but each time it seemed like the fireworks display overtook much of the water, which I really liked the way it came out.  So, to solve the matter I put up a sign, and to ensure the viewers eyes were drawn to it, I put an additional towel on the bottom there, and then added some paw prints to drive the eyes to the sign.

Definitely fun working with sand and water, which i didn't have to of course, but honestly, just couldn't think of any other venue to illustrate the theme.  Which in turn is something I'm really looking forward to seeing how the others handled this one.

While you're checking everyone's work out, read the guidelines and keep tuning into Creative Tuesdays so you can partake in a future week.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weaver's Loom Distraction Queue Vol I.

These are the first two using the template I posted yesterday.  As you can tell they're quite similar, but distinctively different from the template.  To be honest, the first piece was simply one of those saves I make during the process, but I like how you can see where the lines and colors begin from and change simply by a quick glance between the two.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weaver's Loom (A Template for the Approaching Distortion Queue)

This one's obviously an abstract, went with the weave in the center and some picasso inspired imaging off to the right, and then tried applying the same inspiration to a blueprint design to the left.  But this piece is but a template for the pieces I'm going to work with for as long as it doesn't get boring.  Obviously what comes will probably look radically different once I start altering colors and really getting the knives involved.  Anyhow, even though I normally don't post many of the templates I create for the knife art pieces, I thought this one came out kind of interesting so I thought I'd post it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paradise Island Retreat (For Creative Tuesdays)

Over at Creative Tuesdays, the theme is Paradise Island.  Boy, could've gone in a number of directions there, but, because of artistic limitations and my desire to keep this site as close to a PG rating as possible, I opted away from some of those other notions and went with a perfect scene at a beach, where you could spend time watching the beauty of the ocean, the alternating colors of the sky, any various animals that pass by your line of sight, sand, a bed (counting on it being rainless of course), fishing for one's supper, over an open fire of course, and naturally a small boat, in order to get back home when you long for that, again, counting on the waves to be gentle that day :)

Stop on over to Creative Tuesdays and see what the others versions of paradise Island prompted them to create.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mountain Moss

 Mossy rock wall.

This is the piece I created prior to doing the one I posted yesterday.  While it mainly did act as a template to the other piece, I definitely altered some things around with the knife, which I just can't get enough of btw.   Anyhow, with nothing really to post today, I thought I'd post this mossy rock wall, for it's own merits, in addition to being the "template" for the one posted yesterday.

very quick backstory here as well.  When i sat down I had no real idea what I wanted to paint, so I began as I often do, and just start filling the canvas up with colors and various brushes.  Well, with this piece, someone called me while I was doing this, and the conversation was kind of repeating itself over and over again, as it always does with this person, not a real knock, just how he is, so, I kept doodling while on the phone, never switching up the color scheme.

After I got off the phone I pulled the knife out, and wanted to create one of those cave entrances that are covered by a big mossy display that camouflages the entrance.  For those unfamiliar with what I'm referring to here, this idea is used a lot in adventure or survival stories, where people are lost in the woods or so forth and create the covering to shield them from the weather, animals etc…I believe this idea was even used on Gilligan's Island on an episode, not positive.

Anyhow, didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to, but in any case, here it is.

An Abrasion of Forestry

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pink, Fluffy, Cute-A dream (for Creative Tuesdays)

Over at Creative Tuesdays, the theme this week is Cute.  I have to admit, I had no idea how I could draw something cute.  I know what cute is, well at least what I feel cute is, but how could I represent that quality in art?  This was my major hurdle for this project.  I had to have cats in there, as they are just so, so cute.  I wanted to put puppies in there as well, but even using a stencil they came out more like fraggles then dogs, so I decided to go all pink, fuzzy and flowery, of course with some lovestruck cats, a rainbow, some faeries and a couple of birds.

I really look forward to checking out what the others create for this week, after all, who doesn't dig cute, right?  Head on over to Creative Tuesday, check out all the art linked up.  And if you're up to the challenge, read through the guidelines, and if you still have time, share your creation with the rest of us.  And if you happen to be out of time for this weeks challenge, simply come back later in the week and see what the next one will be.  But warning, once you participate, you'll get hooked, that is if you enjoy art and having fun :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jungle Clearing Distortion Queue

Visions Lament the haze
Sights shift, merge, fade
then change anew
Blur to blend
Mix to rend
Torn asunder
Pixelated recognition

Image plots it's way
Askew to the verifiable
causal pathways
it's but an
empty clearing
with only some old rock wall
and it's dead plant in a broken
vase, dangling thinly
from a hole a fist
once made.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Satellite Imaging of an ever Changing Topography

Pretty pleased with the results here.  My aim was to paint a variety of views, as one often sees the Earth illustrated, when seen from outer space.

I've always been really fascinated with how the surface area appears, and then how it's appearance alters as you move closer to the Earth's surface, and then even more dramatically once you reenter the atmosphere.

These paintings here are simply put, my attempts to recreate such satellite imagery, with of course a bit of the abstract flare I like to toss about.

In addition, I wanted to administer a real sense of movement and weather patterns.