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Disturbing the Violent Swarm

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother, as Child

Buffalo Bills Team Needs/Draft Wish List/Draft Scenarios

Well, the NFL draft is upon us soon.  I'm sure we've all read more mock drafts than we'd willingly admit to.  I just posted my final one for the year earlier today, er..I guess technically it was yesterday.  Which means, of course, the draft's tonight.

I'm not going to spend any more time on other teams. That works been done.  This post is solely Buffalo Bills related.  Kind of what I feel our major needs are what I'd think about certain prospects/actions being selected/taking place.

As far for team needs:

  1. Pass rush was by far this teams most glaring and overwhelming need   prior to the start of free agency.  But with the mega-signing of Mario Williams and the other huge move, snagging up Mark Anderson from the division rival Patriots, I do believe this concerns been "adequately" addressed.  Yeah, I guess I can have fun with that, it's been awhile I've felt this good about a defensive front.
  2. Many would say the Tackle position.  I'll save that for need number four.  I have to say that getting a big, strong and quick receiver to line up opposite of Stevie Johnson is a major need. If we could just get this guy, I really like the type of production I could see out of this unit, or I'd actually have to say impressive unit.  You'd have Stevie, this new player, David Nelson in the slot, Scott Chandler from the Tight End position and then guys like Donald Jones, David Clowney, Naaman Roosevelt and whoever else is in camp to round out the unit.  Not too mention we still have Marcus Easley on the roster, and quite frankly we were all pretty excited about his prospects after he was drafted, so if he stays healthy, which has been his issue, and we get anything it's just bonus.  So yeah, a solid compliment WR to Stevie Johnson is my need #2
  3. Here I'm going to say it's LB depth.  We have a very nice 3 man set right now with Kelvin Sheppard in the middle, with Nick Barnett and Kirk Morrisson playing the outside positions.  Beside that, perhaps we'll see a little Shawne Merriman in their from time to time, but nothing else too special here.  So I would say we probably need to grab 2-4 LB's either in the draft or through team cuts and UDFA.  
  4. Tackle. Particularly Left Tackle.  Arguably the most important position outside QB.  Second year guy Chris Hairston is the only guy to speak of there right now.  He looked okay to very good in injury duty last year, but has he earned a starting job.  On most teams I'd say no, and emphatically.  But in Chan Gailey's offense, the way they spread the defenses out, they create their own wiggle room.  Quick passes and keeping defenders away from getting bunched up near the pocket is what they were able to do last year, and wind up second in sacks allowed.  And I have to remind everyone that this was from a unit that most people, experts, predicted before last season began, would be one of the worst units in football.  In fact, they were down right dominating before Eric Wood got hurt.  The loss of Bell doesn't hurt as much as some uninformed media outlets will suggest, for he's been quite the injured guy and only adequate while in there.  So, sounds like I've talked myself out of this spot being a need.  No, they definitely need a few guys to come in for camp and depth.  It would be nice if they didn't need to get a top guy in here and that Hairston could be the guy, but the effect of getting a stud LT is not negated by Gailey's offense.  While defenses will still be spread out, having that stud on the left side of the line, your QB will then be able to look further down the field, and thus opening up the field even more, giving opponents even more things to consider.  
  5. Secondary depth, primarily corner.  Many fans would consider this much higher, if not the highest priority.  But I think Florence and Aaron Williams are solid and McGee, while he's on the roster or not is up for debate, but I believe he will be, and being able to come in to spell will be better for him and the team, as he's slowed down recently and is seemingly prone to injury.  But as a sub, I like McGee a lot.  And then you have the all too much maligned Leodis McKelvin.  Yes, he has certainly not lived up to his first round draft status and yes, he's the guy that fumbled the ball that essentially lost us the game on Monday night a few years ago.  But he has shown flashes of talent, and with an vastly increased D-line, you will see how much better this unit looks because of the effect each facet bears upon the other units. Basically it's like this, a trickle down approach so to speak, you start with a solid set of DT's, we had that, you add excellent DE's and Depth as well, you improve the entire front, an improved front lowers the time the offense has to work with and therefore is much more hurried and prone to mistakes, this makes the linebackers better, which gives them an easier time covering guys and finding holes to stop the run game, this improved linebackers group then helps the secondary by giving them more time to cover.  So yeah, depth can't hurt, but I hardly see it as essential as many are claiming, as I think they just fail to see the overall picture and are only looking at stat lines and play behind a totally different defense.
As to the draft now, with all this in mind.  I've broken down a group of prospects in to the following categories of reaction:  Euphoric, Very Happy, Pleased, Well, OK I guess, WHY

Let's start from the most favorable scenarios and work our way down:


  1. Matt Kalil-LT-USC-  If there's any chance this beast of a LT makes it to us, it will be a great day.  He's that LT I talked about in the needs section
  2. Justin Blackmon-WR-Oklahoma State- This guy is so gifted, he has virtually everything you could want out a top wideout.  This is another guy I see no possibility of having the chance to draft, but if by chance the stars aligned, this would drastically improve the offense.
  3. Morris Claiborne-CB-LSU- Another of these no chance he falls to #10.  But if he would, and I know I listed the secondary as the lowest of our team needs, but this guy is a freak of a player and there is no way you pass on him, unless we're talking a twilight zone scenario where Kalil and/or Blackmon were also still available.  He's a huge upgrade over either guy we have slated to start right now, you'd then have the ability to roll pairs out there all game long, with 2 Elite prospects in Claiborne and Williams (yes I consider Aaron Williams an elite prospect), a very solid guy in Florence, a potential solid reserve, package guy, in McGee and an X-factor in McKelvin
  4. Trade back from #10 and picking up an extra second or an extra first round pick for next year.  I'm not excited about dropping too far back, unless you can pull off a deal with Cincinnati, netting both their first round picks this year, in which case I take the two picks in the late teens/early twenties without any questions.  
Very Happy

  1. Michael Floyd-WR-Notre Dame- I love watching his highlights and while, in my opinion, he's clearly a spot below Blackmon, he has the makings to be an elite receiver.  This draft is very deep though, but I only see 3 guys with elite potential.  These two and Alshon Jeffrey from South Carolina, who I've been a fan of for two years, and if he didn't make some bonehead decisions at the combine and pro-day, I have to believe he'd be in the discussion for those teams needing receivers that pick in the mid teens, he still may be a first rounder.  But these type of receivers are hard to pass on, regardless of how deep this draft class is supposed to be.
  2. Luke Kuechly- LB- Boston College- Speed, instincts.  This guys the total linebacking package.  Very happy may be an understatement, but I think this is a fair tier for him.  I'm not sure where he'd play immediately, as his natural fit in a 4-3, which we run, is in the middle and the Bills, as they should, really like Sheppard.  He may not be fast enough to play Strong Side, and I think our weak side is set.  But what a problem to have, you could theoretically use one guy to keep your 3 starters fresh an entire game, subbing Kuechly in consistently his rookie season, giving him ample opportunity to produce, providing some excellent depth, and giving your starters the best chance at staying fresh.  I've hear him compared to many different guys, Zach Thomas from Dolphin then Cowboy fame, as an example, which is a guy I couldn't stand, which is the utmost compliment.  Would be very happy indeed with kuechly.
  3. Stephan Gilmore- CB-South Carolina-  Again, not my highest area of need for us, but once his name really started being tossed around I started watching more of his film and wow, he looks the part, and again, he'd be providing everything I mentioned in the Claiborne write up, but to a lesser extent.  
  4. David DeCastro- OG-Stanford- Yeah, not really a need, and not a position you typically take this early at all.  But DeCastro can play 4 spots on the line.  Sure, ideally he'll be a starting guard, but when you combine his football intelligence, play and his versatility along the line, I can't see how he's not considered that rare talent and be ultimately drafted in the top 15.  Well, I'm a bit biased, I got a man-crush on him a while ago and knew he'd be a great player at the next level.  Well, yeah, perhaps I should've classified him under the Euphoric tier, but seeing the "reach" tag this pick would get and that it's really not a need, need, Very happy seems like a good spot to put him.

  1. Dre Kirkpatrick- CB-Alabama-  Again, see Claiborne/Gilmore, but drop the impact a bit more.  But he's still a force and would be in that impact mold of a player. So definitely a solid pick at an are of need.
  2. Fletcher Cox- DT- Mississippi St.- Definitely not an are of need, but if either Williams or Dareus, God forbid, get injured, all we have is Torrell Troup as potential quality at depth.  Sure we have a few other unknowns/green guys there, but nothing like Fletcher Cox.  Probably should be in the Well, Ok I Guess category, but I'm a fan of what I've seen out of him and I guess with all the DE possibilities, it would be nice to have two quality reserves to keep Williams and Dareus fresh as well.  Just imagine the waves of pressure from the front four.  We're going to get these waves with or without another DT, but Fletcher Cox would just ramp that intensity even more so.
Well Ok, I Guess

  1. Dontari Poe- DT- Memphis- Ok, yeah, I know what some of you are thinking.  You have Cox in the group above here but have, what many consider the better prospect in the lower tier.  This is just due to my own personal preference for the player.  I think you're getting an elite guy in Fletcher Cox, but a potential elite guy in Poe.   So here, you're getting to the spot where you're questioning the pick to some extent.
  2. Cordy Glenn- G/T- Georgia- He fills a need.  He can play RT right away or G, and has the long arms and does project to eventually be a solid starter at LT.  He's not projected as a future elite guy though, so I don't see us going OL in the first couple rounds, there should be some suitable depth and groom for down the road guys in rounds 3-5.  But I'd get it if they traded down a bit and took Glenn.  It wouldn't impress me at all, but it wouldn't shock or disappoint me either.
  3. Quentin Coples-DE/OLB-North Carolina- Definitely not much room for him, but he has elite potential, but comes with question marks. He's far from a need at this point, but going BPA, he could fall into that range and as bad as we've been with a pass rush this past decade, I could hardly blame the team for going overboard.  Not ideal in any sense, but I can see it and understand it.
  4. There's a lot of other players that fit into this group.  Every one of them is a WHY guy if picked at #10 though.  Guys like, Michael Brockers-DT- LSU, Jonathan Martin-T-Stanford, Stephen Hill-WR-Georgia Tech, Coby Fleener-TE-Stanford, Alshon Jeffrey-WR-South Carolina.

  1. Melvin Ingram- DE/OLB- South Carolina- See the Coples note.  Ingram is rated on par by most, and some rate him higher then the NC end. But I see Ingram and Mercillus and Curry and Perry all in the same mold. Yes, I do understand Ingram is better at this point, but if you're not getting potential eliteness, the way the Bills line is stacked, it won't make any sense to grab Ingram or any of these other guys.
  2. Peter Konz-C-Wisconsin- Don't get me wrong, I like Konz as a C prospect, perhaps even a G.  But with Eric Wood, who has played like a stud Center when healthy, you're not moving him anywhere, so this pick is simply using a first round pick on a C insurance policy. So nothing I'm willing to wish for and something I would struggle with understanding.
  3. Mark Barron-S-Alabama- I really like Barron.  Some have him as the best S prospect since the late Sean Taylor, who went 5 or 6 to Washington a few years back.  I don't really see him better as Eric Berry though, who went 5 a couple years back.  I see him as a ball hawk who can cover TE's, which I'd have to believe would be the main reason for the pick, any RB out of the backfield and slower slot guys.  He's a hammer too, which is what you want from a SS.  He'll blow guys up, and big hits are fun to watch and disruptive to an offense.  But here's the reasons I put him in the WHY slot for Buffalo.  First, I know how ridiculous this sounds, but for me anyhow, my judgment is still clouded by the passing of Ngata for Whitner a few years back.  I understand these are two totally different prospects but still.  Second, I like George Wilson. I think he was at times our MVP on defense last year when healthy.  I think he's earned the starting job and for any deficiency he may have, I think the upgrade to the line and the trickle down effect I touched upon will help him out.  Finally, being the hitter that he is, a guy that looks for the knockout shot, and the NFL's attitudes about big hits these past few years, I wonder if there's even any sense of drafting a player like this, as you are risking penalties and/or suspensions.  I guess that shouldn't be a consideration, but it kinda is for me.  I've spent so much time on this pick because I think he'll be the pick.  And yes, you are getting a potential gamechanger at S, but I'm just not ready for this position at pick #10.
  4. Ryan Tannehill-QB-Texas A & M  I do like him but I really don't want the Bills using a first round shot on a QB, and a potential project guy.  Sure, the thought that having Fitzpatrick under contract will give this guy the chance to grow into the first round pick is logical, but I'd just rather say that if Fitz gets hurt or stumbles, Tannehill, at this point of his career, is not going to be able to help that much and most likely we'll have another high pick next year, in what looks right now, which does seem like the case every year around this time, to be a stacked first round QB class, with the likes of Matt Barkley and Landry Jones to name a couple of the 4-5 QB's being talked about as first rounders for the 2013 draft.  So that said, instead of grabbing a guy that will be a back up this year, go get one of the guys next year, who right now, project much better.  And if you're worried about not being in position to draft them, well then we had a really good season this year, and presumably Fitz was great and if you still need one, go do what other teams do, go make it happen.
  5. Any RB's, including Alabama RB Trent Richardson.  I don't even want Buffalo to take a single back in this years draft, not even UDFA, well ok, I'm fine with trying for a diamond in the overlooked UDFA class.  But not in this draft.  Jackson/Spiller is a great one two punch and Choice is fine for a 3rd back.  C-Mac at FB is solid as well.

So that's my list.  

As for position's I'd like to see the Bills take, here's what I'm hoping for, and of course the prior picks can and will many times effect later picks, I know that.  We have 9 picks as it stands right now, picking up an extra pick to make an even 10 would be nice, but going off of 9 picks I'd like to see the breakdown look like this

1 WR's, 2 LB's, 1 DT, 2 T, 2 CB's, 1 QB later rounds

Ideally: A few scenario's

10- WR
41- LB
72- T

10- CB
41- WR
72- LB

10- LB
41- CB
72- WR
167- T
200- DT

Okay, enough draft talk for now.  GO Bills.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Final Mock Draft 2012 NFL Draft

Well, the 2012 NFL Entry Draft will kick round one off tomorrow evening.  As always, the mock draft process was a lot of fun to do, hopefully, as a reader, you felt it was enjoyable to see what my best guesses are for each of the teams drafting in the first round.  Looking back upon the previous three versions I did, I find it interesting how new information comes about and reshapes the thought process as to where a prospect may land.  You can check out the previous versions here: Version 1, Version 2 and Version 3

1.  Indianapolis Colts-  Andrew Luck QB Stanford

The speculation's been here all along, and earlier this week the team told the media that in deed Andrew Luck's their guy.

2. Washington Redskins- Robert Griffin III QB Baylor

The Redskins didn't give that ransom away to St. Louis to play let's shock the world.  They made the bold move to be able to select RGIII, and that's exactly what they'll do tomorrow night.

3. Minnesota Vikings- Morris Claiborne, CB LSU

The Vikings have been the talk of the league the past few weeks.  With the first two picks being no-brainers, in essence the Vikings were sitting here with the top pick in the draft. There was some talk that anyone who wanted Tannehill would have to trade here and There is still some speculation that Cleveland may throw a third rounder to Minnesota to ensure they can get their guy, St. Louis is also supposedly in the mix to trade back up to take the same guy.  But as information's trickled out of Minnesota this past 8 days or so, it appears that if they do trade the pick it'll probably be to the Browns, as they know who they want and know who Cleveland wants, and they aren't the same player.  This Vikings pick also has a boatload of speculation as to who they'll actually take.  Will it be the stud LT Kalil, who's been the consensus choice for most of this offseason.  Will it be the stud WR Justin Blackmon, giving Christian ponder a real threat in the passing game, or, will the HC have a bigger say in this than anyone.  I think the latter is the safest bet here, and being a defensive coach, a secondary guy, I'm believing all the recent hype that when all is said and done, CB Morris Claiborne from LSU will be a Minnesota Viking.

4.  Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson RB Alabama

Therefore Richardson's still my pick here.  Sure, they've been weighing their options.  And while QB and WR may still be topics of discussion, I will be shocked if the RB isn't a Brown when Tampa goes on the clock.

5.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Matt Kalil LT USC

Tampa will be shaking their head.  The two guys they really want I have to believe are Claiborne and Richardson.  They've had Claiborne all but slotted in on their own boards for a while now.  But getting Kalil, on a team that can use the OL help, is not a consolation prize in the least bit.  This is an elite, number one overall worthy in most drafts, type of player that they are able to grab with the fifth pick.  Kalil to the Bucs.

6.  St. Louis Rams- Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State

Since I'm not going to do trades I will keep Blackmon as the Rams selection.  But I've got a feeling that Richardson was they guy they wanted all along and with him off the board, I think they'll try to move down a few spots.  I say this because I've been reading some reports that they actually like the value of moving down, acquiring some more picks and then taking Michael Floyd the Notre Dame Receiver, a guy they think highly of.  And I also believe they'll find a trade partner for someone salivating over a guy like Blackmon.  Yet, no trades, in my opinion, means they take the ultra talented Ok. State WR.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

I think it's official. I have no idea what Jacksonville is going to do here. I hear they really like Dontari Poe the DT from Memphis, as well as Fletcher Cox, the DT from Mississsipi State.  I'm also hearing they might be in the Stephon Gilmore discussion.  Then I just heard again, they really like Ingram and Coples.  So what do I do, I call the bluff and have them go back to offense and select WR Floyd.  They way I see it is Robinson is not the threat Gabbert really needs, he's a nice guy when you have another one or two really good guys playing beside him, as was his situation in Dallas last year.  Grabbing Floyd helps Gabbert and the Jags passing game, and also helps MJD and the run game.  Floyd to the Jags.

8. Miami Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A & M

This is the pick. It's been the pick all along.  Perhaps if Blackmon is still on the board they'll change their minds, but unless something crazy takes place and he drops, the team knows they need to appease their fans as well as get a good QB prospect to groom/play.  Tannehill a Phin.

9. Carolina Panthers- Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State

HC Ron Rivera is going defense with this pick.  The Question is who and at what position.  While I do think Coples or Gilmore would be great picks here for Carolina, I've read numerous mock drafts and heard a lot of interesting things about the way Rivera feels about both of the NT's and Fletcher Cox, while to some a reach, may just wind up in Charlotte.

10.  Buffalo Bills- Mark Barron S Alabama

I don't even want to guess right now.  I'll be closing my eyes when the commish calls our pick.  I'm going to go into detail as to all the guys I'd like Buffalo to take either later today or sometime tomorrow before the draft.  But, as a Bills fan still dealing with an inferiority complex about his team, I just think there is something to this Safety talk. Unfounded, for sure in my opinion.  A need, I guess, in a year or two, but they reached for a S in Whitner a few years back and passed up Ngata, please, Buffalo don't do it again.  I really like Mark Barron, I really do.  He's going to be a special guy, but  I like Wilson and I can see him here for at least 2 more years, and they do have other needs.  But, I'm going to go with what I think and not what I want. Barron to Buffalo.

11. Kansas City Chiefs- Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina

They need OL help and particularly at T, but I think with Gilmore still on the board and they do have a need at Corner, they'll go in this direction.

12. Seattle Seahawks- Luke Kuechly LB Boston College

Seattle's another team I have no idea what they're going to do.  I still think OL might be the selection, and perhaps my own man crush on David DeCastro wants him to get picked this early, but I can't have the hawks pass on Luke Kuechly.

13. Arizona Cardinals- Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

I've felt Arizona wants a corner and with Gilmore off the board, they'll take the Alabama cover man.

14. Dallas Cowboys- Quentin Coples DE North Carolina

Well, many have Dallas going CB here or S, with all those guys seemingly gone, I think they see Quentin Coples here and say why not.

15. Philadelphia Eagles- Cordy Glenn OT Georgia 

I can see the Eagles going in a few directions, but with a few of those options already gone, I think they'll stay OL and I like Glenn better than Reiff as I think he has a better shot at the left side which is really what they need if Peters doesn't come back, and if he does, he can play right as well.  So Glenn to Philly

16. New York Jets- Melvin Ingram DE/OLB South Carolina

Same pick as before.  Although, I think they'll consider Poe, DeCastro and I would've actually selected Barron here, but unfortunately I think the Bills will take him. So I'll stick with Ingram.

17.  Cincinnati Bengals- Lamar Miller RB Miami

With Jenkins being the only guy left I think Cincinnati will go in another direction. WR is a strong possibility as it gives Dalton two big weapons. OL is a possibility, but do they like DeCastro or Reiff. I've yet to read they have, so I'm going to go with a guy I had them taking at 21 in the last mock draft. Lamar Miller, RB Miami.  I just really like the way a BJGE and Miller backfield looks.  

18. San Diego Chargers- David DeCastro OG Stanford

SD really wants OL help here and where it looked as if, in the previous mocks, all the top OL guys would be gone, David DeCastro is sitting here for them and I think they'll take him.

19. Chicago Bears- Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech

I still think there is something to the DE option.  But, from what I've been hearing this week, I think the WR position may be addressed first come tomorrow night.

20. Tennessee Titans- Peter Konz C Wisconsin

Same pick again.  It's a big need for them and where I think they'll go.  Staying put here.  I really think this is almost a lock. 

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Janoris Jenkins CB N. Alabama

Now, I think they'll take a shot on the trouble Corner.  They've done it before and if this guy gets his act together, he's a top ten talent.  And it's a need.

22. Cleveland Browns- Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State

Yes, Cleveland needs a Wr and if they don't go QB here, I think they'll go Kendall Wright or Reuben Randle.  But perhaps I listen to too much radio, as I keep hearing this connection, and yes, this early.  Not what I would do.  I'd wait to round two, but I'll defer to the "experts" for this one.

23. Detroit Lions- Riley Reiff OT Iowa

CB would be the pick if anyone gets to him that's not named Jenkins, but then, even there, I'm not too sure anymore that Detroit would pass on him.  With OL also being a need, I can see the Iowa Tackle in a Lion's uniform

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- Nick Perry DE/LB USC

I do think if one of the OL prospects already taken were here, whoever that guy is would've been the pick.  I think Martin is a talented back and  with some questions surrounding Mendenhall lurking around, this pick makes some sense.  WR could also be the play here with a guy like Alshon Jeffrey from South Carolina Note: I've been reading the Steelers want Defense, so I'm going to give them a guy they will like a lot. This guy is multi-scheme ready and will definitely be a player for them ***Same pick.

25. Denver Broncos- Dontari Poe DT Mississippi State

Upshaw, Poe or Martin.  These are the guys I'm considering here.  I like all of them, but Poe fills a huge need and is the guy I think they'll take. Fleener is also a guy who may be in the mix here as well.

26. Houston Texans- Courtney Upshaw DE/OLB Alabama

I really, really wanted to give the Texans another WR opposite AJ, but with Upshaw available I had to go this route.  He won't make up for the loss of Super Mario completely, but he'll help and eventually this kid will be dynamic in the NFL. They'll be shocked he makes it to them. ***Same Pick

27. New England Patriots- Shea McClellin DE/OLB Boise State

They need to replace Anderson and this guy's moving up the board fast and after reading up on this kid, what's not to like **Staying pat, no pun intended, with Shea.

28. Green Bay Packers- Coby Fleener TE Stanford

I think GB will be stunned as the Pats and Steelers have just taken the 2 guys they like the most with their picks in the past 4 picks.  I could go with a guy like Curry here, probably a safe call, but I'm going to throw a curveball in here and go with the speedy receiving TE.  Finley is injury prone and only has one year left with GB and they may well resign him, but NE has proven it doesn't hurt to have 2 stud TE's **Longshot, But I'm feeling this pick, so am going to stick to my guns here.

29. Baltimore Ravens- Andre Branch DE/OLB Clemson

I don't know what I was think with the Ronnell slotting here the past few weeks, I think this pick will be either Curry, Branch or Mercillus.

30. San Francisco 49ers- Jonathan Martin OT Stanford

With Curry and Fleener gone they could go Curry, but perhaps, just perhaps Harbaugh grabs a guy from his old coaching grounds and takes the Tackle that probably shouldn't still be on the board

31. New England Patriots- Whitney Mercillus DE/OLB Illinois

The Patriots want to get better on Defense.  Either Mercillus or Curry here.

32. New York Giants- Doug Martin RB Boise State

Lots of option for Big Blue.  Will they grab Curry, or perhaps Mike Adams.  Alshon Jeffrey and Kendall Wright.  Chandler Jones. Maybe Dwayne Allen.  The Big RB will be their pick in my opinion.

Monday, April 23, 2012

An Afternoon of words and birds

I usually get a line or two and write from there, this day though the titles came first.  All but numbers 2 & 5 turned out ok, the finished poems can be found on my poetry site.

This fella wanted to see what I was doing

When he realized I was actually quite boring he left

This one's taking the wide angle, sizing up the competition

A few were getting a good battle on, as this other one decided he was a lover, not a fighter.

And to the victor goes the spoils

I thought the Victor was owed a double take

The Victor was walking away from the battlefield

That guy that was walking around the outside, thought why not, let's see if the dumb-dumb left anything behind.

From a few days ago.  I've documented
my affinity towards parking lots numerous
times before, either on my blogs, or on other
social media avenues.  I just dig the early mornings,
where I can sit in my car, jam some metal without
worrying about waking anyone, or with some of
the things I'm into, disturbing them.  So to a 
parking lot I go.  I don't care much for the
crowded ones, although the people watching
aspect is fun too.  But I head to the most empty
one I can find, and with coffee in hand, I pull out 
a trusty little notepad I always keep in the car, jot
down whatever the heck comes to mind.  Most of the
time I number them, as I can trick myself into thinking
each idea then needs to be looked at, as one would do
a task.  

Then I write and if anything interesting goes on I take
photographs.  This particular day, I got to watch some
birds fighting over some food bag.  They can really go
at it too, unfortunately every time I tried getting them
in battle, I was either too early or too late.  I'm still trying
to get the whole timing thing down with photography.  Anyhow,
Just a quick snapshot of about forty-five minutes the other day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Outlandish NFL Draft Scenarios

Well, I'm just going to be a bit silly today.  I was thinking about some odd combinations that could go down, well, anything can happen, but that  certainly doesn't mean that they have good possibilities of taking place.  I 'm going to list how things "could" go down, just the top 10.

Indy- Luck
Skins- RGIII
Vikes- Claiborne
Browns- Blackmon
Bucs- Richardson
Rams- Floyd
Jax- Gilmore
Miami- Tannehill
Carolina- Fletcher Cox
Buffalo- Matt Kalil

Ha.  Would be great.  Or how about:


Ha.  That would also be great  ok, one more


ok, enough craziness for one night.

I put this together for all those people who actually think any of these three guys have a chance to slip to #10.  There's just not much chance any of these guys fall that far, for look each scenario has a guy or ten in there that most likely won't be.  The first is the most likely but in that case Kalil will go to St. Louis or Jax and Buffalo will kind of be where they are right now anyhow.  In the second Kuechly is worthy of a top 10 selection but I highly doubt it, and Ingram/Poe/Cox  all three names are mentioned around the Carolina spot but I'll believe it when I see it, Cox I do think has a good shot to land there though.

Would I be thrilled if one of these came to light, absolutely.  But if any of these three wind up in a Bills Jersey thursday night, it means the Bills traded up for them, which most likely means not having a second this year and a first next year.  Probably way too much to pay to move up.  Now if say, Blackmon makes it to six, we could probably get up with a package of #10 this year, our second round this year, one of our 4th's this year and a second next year.  Something like that might be too much for St. Louis to pass up on, and still have a shot at Floyd at 10.  But Nix doesn't like giving up picks so this is all fantasyland.

I'll have my final mock out tuesday or wednesday.  Right now though I'm hoping Gilmore is still on the board, because i'm hearing the Bills don't want to take a receiver until 3rd/4th rounds and I really don't like the tackle prospects left and while I do like Dre Kirkpatrick, I think 10 is too early, actually it's probably too early for Gilmore and Floyd as well, but those guys will both be gone by 10 or soon after so those would make sense.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Remind me, what exactly was in that catnip again?

Linked to Photo Art Friday at Bonnie's Pixel Dust Art site.  It's a great place to check out some really amazing pieces of photoart.  I'm still getting the hang of the whole art aspect myself, but trying to learn as I go along.  The photo part I have done, well not actually either, but the turning it into art is a very fun learning process.  For some great examples of combining the photo and art elements please head over and enjoy the gallery.

Time Stamp. Irrelevant.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Removable Terrain atop Autonomy

Played around with the color schemes from the piece I did the other day. I really like how this came out, love the green and the subtle nature of the aqua, not to mention the almost hidden white area.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Very, Very Early Look at The 2012 Buffalo Bills Season

Well, the NFL schedules were released this past tuesday night.  For those who haven't had a chance to check them out yet, simply head on over to the above link to  Here you can break them down by weeks, by team, or even by network.

I don't really have the time today to thoroughly digest all the ins and outs as they apply to each team.  However, I did have the time to take a longer look at the Buffalo Bills schedule, go figure right.

The Bills season kicks off on Sept, 9, 2012 where they'll open with a divisional game against the NY Jets at 1:00pm.

This will be not only Buffalo's, but the world's first regular season opportunity to see how the Jets plan to utilize newly acquired QB Tim Tebow.  As of now he's scheduled to be the backup to Mark Sanchez, but it's been reported that they will, if they haven't already, create numerous packages to get the former Gator and Bronco into the game.

This is a big game for the Bills.  Sure, it's only week one, but there's much more hype surrounding this Bills team since when the team acquired the services of Drew Bledsoe.

While the Tebow factor will be an interesting one to watch leading up to and then during the game, I'm much more interested in seeing how the Jets offensive line, which isn't what it was just a few years ago, and Sanchez deal with the revamped Bills D-line, which now features the very versatile front four of Dareus and Kyle Williams at the tackle spots, and newly acquired DE's Mario Williams and Mark Anderson playing the outside.  The Bills have decent depth at tackle but the strength of this time is clearly at DE.

It's a depth that will not solely be emergency replacements, but guys that will sub frequently throughout the game. This will enable, theoretically, the entire front four to remain consistently fresh all game long.  It will also allow the Bills to create a pass rush that can come in waves throughout each game.  Their depth is deep, with Spencer Johnson, Kelsay, Merriman, Carrington to name a few.

So, how will an often erratic Sanchez fare against this revamped line.  Only time will tell, but one thing I'm sure of, is that with an improved line, the linebackers will benefit, and from their the secondary.  A true trickle down effect of improved defensive football.

After the opener the Bills also play their next 3 opponents at the 1:00pm hour.  Here the play

Home against the Kansas City Chiefs, with a new coach and returning players Eric Berry, Matt Cassel, Jamal Charles and Tony Moeaki to go along with new additions Payton Hillis and Kevin Boss.

On the road against a Cleveland Browns team looking to the draft to add impact players both offensively and defensively

then home again to face the NE Patriots and newly acquired receiving threat Brandon Lloyd and an offseason emphasis on getting better on defense.

For the following two weeks, the Bills will head out west to play a 4:15 start against a SF 49'er team that looks to be even better this year and a 4:05 game against the Arizona Cardinals, where they still have a good defense and Larry Fitzgerald.  Right now it's unknown who will be throwing the ball to him, but the safe money is on Kevin Kolb.

The Bills head home to face the Tennessee Titans who are looking forward to getting the Chris Johnson from three years ago back behind QB's Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker

In week 8 the Bills have their bye week.  Midseason is the ideal spot for a bye, at least it looks that way on paper.

Weeks 9 and 10 feature 1:00pm road games against the Houston Texans, Mario Williams return to Houston, and then in Foxboro against the Patriots

Week 11 will be the Bills first primetime game in 3 seasons.  Here they'll play the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football, which begins at 8:20pm.  I really don't know what to expect out of the Dolphins, and to be quite honest, I think they'll have shock me if they even get close to .500 this year.  They'll most likely feature either returning QB Matt Moore or a rookie under center. They traded pro bowl MVP Brandon Marshall away, but still have Reggie Bush, who was a definite positive surprise for them last season.

Weeks 12-14 are all 1:00pm contests.

Week 12 the team will be in Indianapolis to get their first look at presumed 1st overall pick Andrew Luck.

Weeks 13 and 14 the team returns home to face the Jacksonville Jaguars and the St. Louis Rams as December football in WNY really becomes the theme of the second half of the schedule.

Week 15 the team takes their annual sojourn to Toronto.  I don't like this one bit, never have, but it is what it is, and this year the Bills will try to win their first ever regular season game in Toronto.  They'll have to beat the skittle eating former Bills RB Marshawn Lynch and his new jersey wearing Seattle Seahawk teammates

Week 16 and 17 are both 1:00pm contests.

They'll head to South Florida in Week 16 to face the Dolphins, a trip I'm sure none of the players will complain about.

And the schedule rounds out back in Orchard Park, where the Jets come to town and bookend this upcoming year's Bills schedule.

A very, very early guess at how things will shake out:

1    At NYJ  L
2    Chiefs W
3    At Cle W
4    NE      W
5    At SF  L
6    At Ari W
7    Ten    W
8.   BYE               5-2 at BYE
9    At HOU  L
10  At NE     L
11  Mia       W
12  At Ind    W
13  Jax        W
14  Stl         W
15  Sea        L   (In Toronto)
16  At Mia    W
17  NYJ        W

Final record  11-5  

Not sure if that will be good enough for a division title, but it should certainly be enough for a Wild Card game= Playoff drought over.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weathering the White Walls and Street Art Smearing Walls of Hate

Another of the pieces I spoke about yesterday.  Taking a master and then altering the piece post initial painting with additional brushstrokes, knife marks, smears and alteration of color schemes, all to bring about different moods within the same.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Liquid Infiltrating Clay and The Revolt of Pine

Another couple of these pieces I've been having fun with the past couple of months.  I do an original painting and then take liberties with it at every stop along the canvass.  I love the knife and the images it can create.  I love color and how it can transform identical pieces into those that look like lost cousins more than twins.  Anyhow here are two more of these.

NFL Mock Draft Version 3

This will be the third version of my first round mock draft for the upcoming 2012 NFL draft.  A few weeks ago I composed the second version,  It had a few changes from Version 1, and there will be some changes to this version as well.  I'll try to do a final version just before the draft kicks off a week from this thursday night. But until then, I hope you enjoy this update.

1.  Indianapolis Colts-  Andrew Luck QB Stanford

The Colt's owner has been doing his fare share of feeding the speculative fire by his tweets and interviews, praising both Baylor QB Robert Griffin III as well as Texas A & M QB Ryan Tannehill, but I can't see them passing on the best pro prospect since Peyton Manning. Luck's a colt, I'll be shocked otherwise

2. Washington Redskins- Robert Griffin III QB Baylor

No changes here.  This is the guy Washington gave up a ransom to move up for and he'll be the pick.  If Indy happens to take him at number 1, I can't see Washington complaining that they got stuck with Luck.  These QB's are going 1-2 in one way or another.  * if Griffin is taken by the Colts I believe Luck will be the Skins choice, but if perhaps Tannehill goes first, I still see the skins taking RGIII, over the Stanford QB. This isn't to say I like RGIII better, which I don't, but with what I've read about Shanahan and what he likes out of his QB's and the early trade up, I think they've already begun integrating their offensive playbook around this guy, and for that reason alone, I think they'll stay with Griffin and leave Minnesota in the best possible situation they could ever hope for.

3. Minnesota Vikings- Matt Kalil OT USC

I really believe Minnesota will wind up trading this pick.  They have many needs and I've heard they have about 8 guys they would be happy with selecting, a few of which are rated in the 15-20 range, so for the right price I think they'd even entertain a dramatic trade down scenario.  That said, I think the compensation will have to wow them.  As to who, I'm not going to guess, but if they do make the trade it will alter the first 10 picks or so.  Staying put I know Claiborne is someone their HC covets, but I think they have to take Kalil.  So stays the same.

4.  Cleveland Browns- Trent Richardson RB Alabama

Therefore Richardson's still my pick here.  Although I think again, they'd like to make a trade, and very well may.  If Minnesota trades their pick and someone selects Blackmon or Richardson I do believe they'll try to capitalize on a trade. But as I've said all along, Richardson makes too much sense, unless of course they're sold on the A & M QB.  

5.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Morris Claiborne CB LSU

I'm hearing Tampa wants Claiborne and is ready to run up to make the pick.  Sure they'll entertain trades but if Claiborne is there, the trade will have to be something special, as they are that sold on the LSU CB. Richardson and if Kalil is there would be two guys I think they'd like to take as well, if Claiborne is gone and no trade partner

6.  St. Louis Rams- Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State

This pick hinges on what Cleveland does.  They are trying to trade up to 3 or 4 to take Richardson.  They've fallen for the Bama RB and for good reason.  But even if they don't trade up, there is a chance Richardson will be there for them, if not then they'll go with Blackmon or if Kalil is there he could be the guy.  Another quick note, I've heard they like Claiborne as well, but with the FA signing of Finnegan, I kind of doubt that will be the pick.  Anyhow, no changes yet.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- Dontari Poe DT Memphis

I'm officially off the Jags taking a WR idea.  Not that Lee Evans is what he was a few years back, but he's not as injury prone as people are painting him, nor has he lost all that people are claiming.  He'll help Gabbert out, and I think they'll take a couple WR's later in the draft.  I think Dontari Poe is the pick.  I changed it from the Coples selection I had in V.2, for the simple fact that although more talented, I think DT is more of a need and while you shouldn't draft solely on need, Poe's storming up the draft boards and Jacksonville is not afraid to reach, not at all, as evidenced by the past 2 years drafts.

8. Miami Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A & M

This is the pick.  If Tannehill is gone, they'll go BPA or try to trade down.  Should they take him here?  No, not in my opinion.  But they want him and the connection with Mike Sherman is obvious.  So I feel very confident in this pick. * No changes here.

9. Carolina Panthers- Quentin Coples DE North Carolina

HC Ron Rivera is going defense with this pick.  The Question is who and at what position.  I think they'd love for Coples to be here, for obvious reasons and for being a UNC kid as well.  In this new mock Coples is there and I think it'll be a quick pick.  If he's gone I think they'll go Ingram, Poe, or perhaps Floyd.

10.  Buffalo Bills- Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame

I'll keep this pick where I had it last week.  Lots of talk on local radio about how much the Bills like Cordy Glenn, but I'm just not buying it.  The trading up scenario that gained some buzz a few weeks ago has all but dried up, and I don't think anyone is surprised.  That said the trade down buzz is still strong and that may be where a Cordy Glenn or Jonathan Martin reenter the Bills first round plans.  But staying put I like Floyd as the best value/need combo for them.

11. Kansas City Chiefs- Riley Reiff OT Iowa

They need OL help and particularly at T. No changes

12. Seattle Seahawks- David DeCastro G Stanford

I changed this pick.  First I thought they'd like to make a strength stronger, but since then they signed QB Matt Flynn to a big deal and DeCastro is a beast who can play at 4 spots on the line, something they need. No changes

13. Arizona Cardinals- Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina

I went with the BC MLB in the first Mock.  I think they'll stay on the defensive side of the ball, but will feel Kirkpatrick is more of a value and snag him here. I still like Kirkpatrick better but Gilmore's moving fast up the boards.  I've actually heard that there are a few times grading him higher than Claiborne.  That's crazy in my book, but that just goes to show the volatility of draft stocks.  

14. Dallas Cowboys- Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama

Kirkpatrick is one of the guys Jerry Jones likes and I think with him still on the board they swoop him up.

15. Philadelphia Eagles- Cordy Glenn OT Georgia 

All along I was saying defense, MLB to be precise.  Yet the trade for DeMecco Ryans from the Texans shores that need up.  Sure, Kuechly will be talked about.  I've heard rumblings about Poe here as well.  I just don't think they expected Martin to fall to them and with the long-term injury to LT Jason Peters that just happened, they'll feel fortunate he did slide to them at 15.  * Note: Changed from Martin to Glenn.  Glenn is vaulting up team's boards and Martin is plummeting.

16. New York Jets- Melvin Ingram DE/OLB South Carolina

Same pick as before.  I think Poe will be considered.  I think Kuechly will be considered as well.  But this pick still makes sense to me and still feels right. Note: They get the best pure pass rusher in the draft in my opinion.  I think this is what they want. Fletcher Cox could be the guy but with Ingram dropping to them, I have to think they grab him quick.

17.  Cincinnati Bengals- Mark Barron S Alabama

Same position as last time, different player.  I think Jenkins issues will hurt him on draft day and may push him out of the first. Well, at least past this pick. * Note:  They want a CB and with the top 3 off the board, I think they like the receiver's that they can get with their 2nd first round pick.  So they take a guy way above where most experts have him, but they get the best S in the draft, a need.

18. San Diego Chargers- Luke Kuechly LB Boston College

SD really wants OL help here, but with the run on OL here, I think they'll be out of luck.  That said Kuechly is in my opinion BPA at this point and the pick. Note:  These mocks are tricky.  As I really can't see this guy dropping this far, but when you go team by team like this, he does. So I'll stick with this pick.

19. Chicago Bears- Whitney Mercillus DE Illinois

Mercillus will provide an instant reinforcement opposite peppers.  I thought they really wanted to bolster their weapons for Cutler and they still may, but if Floyd's not here, which I highly doubt he will be, I will buy into the buzz and I actually like him better than an Upshaw, Perry could be another guy to look out for here.

20. Tennessee Titans- Peter Konz C Wisconsin

Same pick as last time.  It's a big need for them and where I think they'll go.  Staying put here.  I really think this is almost a lock.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Lamar Miller Rb Miami

They can take a chance at Jenkins. They can go with the stud DT in Fletcher Cox or one of the WR's left Stephen Hill is another guy I think they'll seriously look at, as well as Alshon Jeffrey, But I'm switching from DT to a Rb in V3. Miller is a game changer and to pair up with the Law Firm it makes for a formidable backfield.  Just a thought I had the past couple of days.

22. Cleveland Browns- Reuben Randle WR LSU

I like Hill, but Randle has the buzz about him and after looking at him, I really like him.  Actually hoping that if he doesn't go in the first round and my Bills go OT at #10, he'll be there in the early part of round 2.  That said I think the Browns pair him with Richardson and bolster their offense significantly. Massoquai, Little and Randle looks pretty nice on paper.

23. Detroit Lions- Jonathan Martin OT Stanford

I know they need CB help in a big way.  They're being reportedly in discussions with Philadelphia for Samuel but even with that trade they'd probably still look to one here.  The only CB left is Jenkins and I just don't think they want to add a potential problem to a team that already is known as a problem prone squad.  Adams helps the lions out for their future as the age of their LT is up there and Adams will be a guy they can groom. Note:  I think Martin is better than Adams, well he at least projects to LT.  His poor workouts had him slip and Detroit wants a guy to groom, perfect pairing in my opinion.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- Nick Perry DE/LB USC

I do think if one of the OL prospects already taken were here, whoever that guy is would've been the pick.  I think Martin is a talented back and  with some questions surrounding Mendenhall lurking around, this pick makes some sense.  WR could also be the play here with a guy like Alshon Jeffrey from South Carolina Note: I've been reading the Steelers want Defense, so I'm going to give them a guy they will like a lot. This guy is multi-scheme ready and will definitely be a player for them

25. Denver Broncos- Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State

Upshaw or Cox, these are the guys to look at.  Fox wants defense and since DT is more of a need and this guy is a stud, well, both guys are really, but I'll take the DT.

26. Houston Texans- Courtney Upshaw DE/OLB Alabama

I really, really wanted to give the Texans another WR opposite AJ, but with Upshaw available I had to go this route.  He won't make up for the loss of Super Mario completely, but he'll help and eventually this kid will be dynamic in the NFL. They'll be shocked he makes it to them.

27. New England Patriots- Shea McClellin DE/OLB Boise State

They need to replace Anderson and this guy's moving up the board fast and after reading up on this kid, what's not to like

28. Green Bay Packers- Coby Fleener TE Stanford

I think GB will be stunned as the Pats and Steelers have just taken the 2 guys they like the most with their picks in the past 4 picks.  I could go with a guy like Curry here, probably a safe call, but I'm going to throw a curveball in here and go with the speedy receiving TE.  Finley is injury prone and only has one year left with GB and they may well resign him, but NE has proven it doesn't hurt to have 2 stud TE's

29. Baltimore Ravens- Ronnell Lewis OLB Oklahoma

Same pick as last time, for the same reasons  No Changes

30. San Francisco 49ers- Vinny Curry DE/OLB Marshall

Same pick, same reasons No Changes

31. New England Patriots- Andre Branch DE/OLB Clemson

Same pick, same reasons No Changes

32. New York Giants- Michael Brockers DT LSU

The world champs can do whatever they want.  They won the SB so they get a pass.  and this plays into my theory that they just may take a chance here on a guy like Jenkins, but I really like Brockers, not only as a player but at this spot, I think he could easily go between 19-25 so here at 32 is great value.  I wouldn't be shocked if they went receiver either, perhaps WR Alshon Jeffrey from South Carolina or Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech or perhaps they'll decide to go Martin the RB.  I just think Brockers is perfect for big blue.