Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Ballad of the Celestial Avenger

There's a war
angels and demons-
a war like none other-
no one is safe
all will fall victim

But time
annoyed two
A lesser devil
and a lesser god

Join they would
not out of love-
but to breed

To breed a
hero, with
the strengths
of both

A child that
must be hid-
to earth he would go
there he would grow

Until the day
he came of age
ascend he would
into the fray
even though
he knew not
what he should, what he could

But up high,
beyond mortal sight
The boy would stand
on the battlefield

And there
time would cease
blades would freeze
fires end

remain they would
and there he would stay
until the heavens
and the hades
decide to stop

Until a truce is called-
A stalemate sent to
cease the senseless blood that's spent-
In the sky
In the stars
Trickling animosity
all the universe below.


  1. Ah this is a beautiful poem love the ending

  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the poem. i usually leave the poetry to my other site, but felt the inspiration as I was doing this piece and thought to include it here. Really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again