Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday Party (For Creative Tuesdays)

Wow, the new year kicked in and I seemed to have lost my memory.  I was looking at my calendar and saw a CT written that I had missed. So I had to see if it was true, and yep, I most definitely missed one. What a great showing it was too.  Disappointed I missed out on that one.  First one I believe.

I haven't really done much artwork since 2013 kicked off either.  I have a few pieces I put together the past few days and I'll put them up in the coming days, but seeing I had that brain-cramp last time around, I thought it best to post this for CT today and link it up, just in case I wound up forgetting to do so over the weekend.

Birthdays are always fun.  And while I went with a fairly typical image, it was the first thought I associate with birthdays.  At my house we get together for everyone's birthdays.  Gifts are shared, but the big thing is coming up with new cakes.  That's fun.  My mother just had one last week and my sister brought over a cake boss cake.  Was really good too.  Still dieting, but I had to have a piece. :)

Stop on over and see all the Birthday Something themed pieces that are shared for this latest edition of Creative Tuesdays.


  1. Lovely bright colors with darker backround and the big cake gives great party mood:)

  2. I love your birthday cake Fred, those layers make the piece I think! Great job! I also immediately thought of birthday cakes. Happy you can go back to watching hockey now!

  3. Love all the texture you have incorporated into your cake Fred, especially the chocolate layer. All the little parcels really add to the celebratory theme and the colours are so vibrant. Great piece!

  4. That cake just says 'celebrate', doesn't it? Very fun! We're like your family...the cake is the centerpiece of the day! Really great drawing, Fred. :)

  5. As always, I enjoy your paintings, and so enjoy your narrative. So informative and add to the character of your work and idea behind it. I'll take a slice of that cake, please.

  6. I'm with Wanda on the above sentiment too, Fred, but never heard of a boss cake. What's that? LOl. Anyway, wow, you give ALOT of presents. :) Fun! Ty for remembering to join in this go round.

    1. thanks, yeah, kicked myself for missing out last time. Oh, the Cake Boss is a TV show. It's this guy and his business of making different cakes, think American Chopper, but only with Cakes. lol