Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Closer Look at a Few K-CUP Flavors

Here are five of my favorite K-Cup varieties:

1.  Donut Shop by Coffee People.
             This blend is your typical get up on a weekday moring, toss your suit on quickly and realize you didn't set the coffee maker the night before, so you skip breakfast and hit the drive through at your local donut shop.  There's nothing really flashy or exotic up this one, just some plain old joe to start your day.

2.  Golden French Toast by Green Mountain Coffee

             I have to admit I had no intention of purchasing this flavor initially.  Yet two things combined, providing reason for addition to the cart.  First, I was some ten or so dollars away from free shipping and second, I thought it said golden French Roast.  But I'm so glad I bought it.  This flavor is easily my favorite coffee Keurig has on the market.  Subtle notes of cinnamon and maple syrup to go along with a smooth medium roast.  Only bad thing about this flavor is that it'll be gone soon.  I really wish they would do the Limited Editions.

 3.    Paul Newmans Special Blend

If you like extremely amped up coffee, this is for you.  If you like to be edgy and wired all day, this one is for you.  If you like a punch in the chest to wake up in the morning, yep, this one's for you.  My father loves this flavor.  Personally I don't like it very much at all.  I had two cups, on different occasions, and each time I felt shaky and my entire body was unsettled for hours after consumption.  It's weird because I used to guzzle down Latte's at Starbucks all the time and never had any trouble. But for some reason this and Black Magic (not reviewed) produced the same edgy, uneasy feeling each cup.

4.    Chocolate Raspberry Truffle by Van Houtte

This one's a hit in this house.  Everyone that comes over tries it and loves it.  I had to buy a few boxes the last order, just to make sure I had some around.  It's basically like having your cake and drinking it too.  The aroma as it's brewing is intoxicating as it overtakes the whole house.  There isn't any need for sugar or sweetener as this one's pretty sweet on it's own.  I froth myself some milk and pour it over the coffee and then dip biscotti into it, and yummy.  The coffee has a nice full bodied Chocolate taste with just the right proportionate notes of raspberry flavor to make for a very nice after dinner cup of coffee.

5.  Wild Mountain Blueberry by Green Mountain Coffee (Not Pictured)

I'm the only one in the house that likes this one.  The others who had a cup thought it repeated on them too much.  While I do agree there is an aftertaste with this one, I don't mind it very much.  Again we have a brew that doubles as a air freshener, as it fills the house with a nice blueberry scent.  I find the blueberry flavor refreshing and tasty.  My mother feels it has too much the artificial taste.  But I guess to each their own.  I bought the sample pack first and then went and bought a full pack. 

I'll add more K-Cup reviews as I try them.  If you have any you'd like to share please drop it off as a comment and I'll review it and add it to the reviews.


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