Saturday, April 23, 2011

NHL Playoff Commercial

Commercial #1 Laundromat

Int. Laundromat-Day

Door chime sounds, man with laundry baskets walks in.

Looks around & Sees:

Three men, with stubbled beards, reading magazines  to the left

The backside of a woman, bent over, loading clothes into dryer on the right

First man in chair:  Hey, buddy

Guy looks around, realizes he's being addressed

Man:  Yeah

First Man in chair:  Where's your beard?

Man:  My beard?

2nd Man in chair:  Yeah, your beard

Man:  Umm, I don't have one

Third Guy in chair: (addressing 1st & 2nd guys in chair)  Must be a leaf's fan

Guys laugh

Man:  I don't get it

1st guy in chair:  Playoff Beard, you know, don't shave until your teams done

Man:  Oh, that, I see.  Not really a hockey fan

2nd Man in chair:  Oh, your one of those   

                                                                             And then:

Guy is loading the washer and realizes he forgot the soap, notices the woman has a bottle with her things.  Walks over to her

Man:  Ma'am, I was wondering if I could borrow your soap

Woman turns around, has a full beard

Man:  Oh, my

Woman:  (Soap in Hand)  Did you need this

Man:  Yeah, thanks..

Takes soap

Man(cont)  Playoff Beard right?

Woman punches man in the face 

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