Friday, June 17, 2011

New Painting and Some Poetic Verse

A boy was walking his dog
Along a road made of brick and gold
Only to find a well exposed
To which I thought he should find it's valve
Stop the spill and make it safe
But what happened 
He could not know
He turned the lever
and the Oily mess ceased to flow
But when he turned to look at his dog
He realized his pup had turned into a raspberry glow
If he had a mirror there
He would have seen an unfamiliar stare
His flesh and his self
Conformed, transformed
into a bird dark and bright red 
In the park
That afternoon
the leash was dropped
but the loyal pup did not go
For soon
Someone would have to verify
All the zaniness that transpired
For mother is very fond
of the cats back home.

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