Thursday, March 1, 2012

An extraterrestrial superhero DJ, living in a loft somewhere in NYC

Sometimes I wonder if aliens exist.  Then I wonder, if they do, I wonder if they go through the whole pretending to be a super-hero phase.  Then finally, assuming that they do exist and that they do like to play super-hero games, I ask myself, "If I was an alien that liked to dress up as a super-hero, what would my secret identity be and what day-job would I use as a cover story, after all I am an alien?

My answer:  I'd buy a loft in NYC someplace, convert the entire place into comic-strip decor, B &W would abound, except for a splattering of color, about all I could afford.  I'd wear a mask most all the time, after all, in NY you could probably get away with it.  Then, I would use some of that alien technology of mine and become a world famous underground DJ.

Then I wonder what I would spin?  What kind of sound alien technology could procure?  Obviously I can't answer that question, but I think it would sound pretty cool.

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