Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Damaging Tilt of Teenage Seclusion

I used to love Pinball.  As a kid I would go over to the mall every weekend, but not for the same reason as all the other kids.  Nope, I wouldn't meander aimlessly throughout, hopping from table to table in the food court.  No, I went right into the arcade and played pinball all the time.  Would spend the entire day there.  Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed playing, I never was a Pinball Wizard, which, in a way, I suppose is a good thing.

Nevertheless, I thought I would see about coming up with an abstractly layered piece to pay tribute to those long since past days.  Funny thing, after doing this piece I happened to stop by that old arcade, still there after this many years-guess I wasn't the only kid to waste away their weekends in this way.  But I sat their and played a few games of pinball, and I have to say, although I never was great at the game, this adult cannot hold a candle to that child.  I just wasn't into it and believe me, the memories made me want to be, so badly too.  But change happens, oh well.  I really hope when I'm seventy I don't post that I used to enjoy reading, telling stories and trying to display my thoughts/ideas visually.


  1. nice..the drags of dark in teh bright colors has a great effect fred...we used to play pinball at the lake all the time...was a blast...

  2. Thanks Brian, glad you liked the piece. I have fond memories of visiting friends at their family lake homes as well. It's funny that you should mention playing pinball at yours, as there was this old shack of a general type store that had a pinball machine and on occasion we would all take the walk down the street from the and take turns playing. Thanks.