Monday, August 6, 2012


This is the last of the group that I worked with last week.  In my opinion it's the most primal of the lot, and in so being, the most unique of the group.  I see a few things when i look at this, which Is great, as I typically have a single idea that forms when I work with the initial piece and then try to alter that piece using color to change the mood or reframe the piece using color alone.  But this one, took on more than I thought it would when doing it, which usually I get the inkling of what I'm seeing form as I'm working with it, rare for me anyhow, probably because I'm too connected to each of them, but usually my perception reverts to what I know the main intention was as I was composing it.  This one though, surprised me, and the idea of a collapsing communication tower in a war-torn setting comes screaming at me, along with the main idea I had, and another one that appears when i look at it a certain way.  But I won't list them all, because I think the fun of abstract art is letting the mind of the audience decipher the piece their own way, coming up with their own interpretation.

Longer write-up than intended, but glad I covered everything I wanted to say.

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  1. Well, I ahve to say i don;t see he comm tower collapsing, r really anything per se. just enjoying it as an abstract. I like the shapes connecting to larger masses of colour. It feels very much alive/organic again.