Friday, August 24, 2012

Infectious Curls (For Creative Tuesdays)

Over at Creative Tuesdays, the theme this week is Curl.  Another really neat and very open-ended topic, where virtually anything seemed fair game. My initial thought was to just go all chester cheetah here, having crunchy cheese curls all over the canvas, but that would just tempt me to go buy a big, and seeing I've been doing so well on my diet, didn't want to tempt fate :) 

So, I simply startled by splashing the paint about, trying to figure out how and where I would incorporate curls into the work.  The painting I came up with really had this fantasy feel to it, unfortunately the curls I made with a very thin knife, one I never used before, which created an etching effect, but unfortunately, unless I blew the painting up to full screen mode, all those intricate little curls just did not show.

I learned something here.  When not sure how something is going to look, stop and examine it before you spend another forty minutes doing the same thing, especially when what you're doing is detailing.

So, I decided at this point, to try and highlight over as many of the etched curls that I could.  A very interesting thing happened.  Where the etched curls reminded me of carvings, glyphs etc..the black highlights reminded me of disease, viruses and the like.  So, I went with it, and added a few additional curls in fluorescent colors, hinting upon either an antibody forming, or new strands of the virus being born, thus causing even more problem.

After I was done with it, I think it turned out more like a multi-layered graffiti piece, which is fine, just mentioned it, as I definitely found it interesting how an idea of how something looks while you're working on it, can actually vary greatly from how it appears when done, even more so, when you save it, then come back to it with a fresh set of eyes hours later.

Head on over to Creative Tuesdays, and see all the curls immortalized this week in the ever enjoyable and impressive artwork created by all those at CT.  And hey, it's early, so perhaps you'll feel inspired to do a curl of your own.  If you do, share it, but first read the guidelines.  Enjoy.


  1. Nice one Fred! I love all the intricate curls you have achieved and very colourful as well. I always leave a sketch and then go back before outlining, as you do see it with different eyes, as you say. If I had attempted your painting I would have ended up with mud! So glorious interpretation.

  2. That turned out to be very cool! Infectious, indeed...looks like something out of a petri dish..haha...but I mean that in the very best way, of course! :)

    Cheesse curls...I agree...very addictive. :)

  3. These make me think of earthworms in the leaves Fred, wonderful work open to all kinds of interpretations and certainly very CURLY!

  4. Very cute curls...but I love the variety of colors you used, especially the blues. I better get busy.... just got back from our trip.

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your creation process and the etching you encountered! Also, it got me wondering what medium you use?

    1. Thanks Christie. I use Digital. Although, the program I use can replicate most mediums. This particular piece is a mixture, as are most of my pieces.

  6. Worms, yes, that's what i thought of. WEll done. I always enjoy reading the process behind each piece, this one being no exception. TY for adding it to our weekly contributions.

  7. I thought there's a message in those black spirals but I guess there isn't, because of the layers over layers, it reminds me of jackson pollock's work. there is that graffiti-effect also as you mentioned but I'm leaning more towards 'lines going loose in the wild' kind of theme.

    great take on CT. hope you have a great day.

  8. cool lively piece! looks almost like lattice work - the grafitti effect is very gratifying!