Sunday, August 19, 2012

Polka Dot Pin Cushions (For Creative Tuesdays)

At Creative Tuesdays this week, the theme is Polka Dots.  It's really funny too, as all these weeks past by where I had to push myself to try and expand my artistic ability, which is something I never even thought i'd be daring to do when I first came to CT, but now, something I look forward to every week.

So, you see, with this one, it was perfectly placed for me to do an abstract, which, I have to say I was eager to get going.  But as the week or so, now approaching Tuesday, I had yet to think of something to use.

Then I came across some old things of my grandmothers upstairs. When I went up there to feed the cat, I thought about some dresses my sister used to wear, and seeing the house is really like a storage area as of late, I thought I'd find one. But while not a polka dot design, I forgot all about how she used to have so many pin cushions. She's been gone for 8 years about now, but I have to say, seeing these pin cushions for the first time, really jarred loose some memories that never had the opportunity to be mourned.  Therefore I had a nice purging moment, wonderful tears of remembrance came, and it felt great.  Yeah, I know that might sound weird, but for me, the mourning process never truly ends, at first, for varied lengths of time, the mourning process is very difficult, too soon, ya know, but as time moves on and a distance sets in, you still feel the loss, but the happy memories really take forefront and you get to celebrate those things.

So, anyhow, just wanted to share this with you all.  And to thank CT, for without it, who knows if I would've stumbled across these pin cushions or not, and the cry was very good, so again, Thanks.

As for the piece, I tried to incorporate the pin cushions, without the pins of course, and I adhered to the theme making them of polka dots.  The outer ones represent emotions and feelings, and the split screen, I tried to use it symbolically, as to reflect two distinct time periods, back when she was still living with us, and now, where her spirt hasn't nor can leave us.

Fun and really meaningful exercise this week.  Normally I give a bit of backstory, but rarely do I go into detail about the piece itself in such a detailed manner.  Typically I like to allow the mind of the viewer to come up with their own interpretations etc..but here, this week, seeing the meaning was so personal, there really wasn't anyway the effect would be possible for interpretation, so, I do apologize taking away that aspect of my art, but again, did want to share and give thanks.  Cheers.

Also, on a side note, I thought I'd add another page to my website here and use it for all my CT and other sites I post too here and there.  That way, if visitors come by and want to specifically look for those pieces submitted to CT and the others, it'll be much quicker than having to go through the whole site.

Sorry for the length of writing this week.  I do know it was rather long, but I do appreciate all who took the time to read it all.  Thanks again, you're all wonderful at CT :)


  1. lovely inspired contribution Fred! And wonderful thoughtful post too, if a bit sad!

  2. Very subtle Fred and such a poingnant story as well. Lovely edition for this week challenge.

    I have always said that the emotion of a lost loved one can always hit at any time, no matter how many years have passed. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. This is such a warm and thoughtful post. I get a feeling of so much contrast. The warm and cool alternating backgrounds and center dots. I also feel your happy memories mixed with the sadness of loss. Thank you so much for sharing your emotions behind your picture.

  4. Fred, I'm on vacation at our daughter's in Oregon, and haven't had access to a computer most of the time and busy making homemade black berry jam. Picked the berries yesterday along the beach path.

    I love pin cushions...have several, and loved that you shared the story of your grandma. Very sweet memories indeed. You are pushing your envelope with CT and are very very creative and successful.

  5. Too the polka dotted pin cushions! Abstract Amazing!

  6. I think it's open to interpretation when it is first viewed but still nice to hear about your memory and why this piece came about.

  7. Oh wow, thank you for sharing so much of the story and how you felt as you created. So meaningful and it really shows in what you have here to share. Wonderful!

  8. Nice! I really like the symmetry...and I like the backstory.

  9. You know, don't apologise for the back-story at all. It adds so much and was so incredibly moving. I am fighting back tears for your loss, remembrance and all of your sister. I am sorry to learn that, Fred. Must have been VERY hard. So glad you found a way to purge and also do something in loving memory of her. A true dedication. I actually got what you were doing with the side by side comparison (pretty much) BEFORE I even read it. that makes sense. TY for doing this lovely piece. And yes, totally up your alley for indeed will be the next one too where like this you can show the items but still be abstract. :)

    "all these weeks past by where I had to push myself to try and expand my artistic ability, which is something I never even thought i'd be daring to do when I first came to CT,"
    --that really touched me. I'm so honoured CT can do that for you. Yes indeed! Wonderful!