Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alien Geology

I started this piece out by simply doing a neapolitan like design, with raspberry, green, black and yellow, in tiers of course.  Then I started messing around with knives, blending tier to tier, shade to shade.  Eventually I came to this idea, where it's like the sections of the earth's crust, which do blend in with each other, as holes and loosening up of the sections do occur.  Finally I decided to start changing the color scheme around.  Until I finally got to this, as you see it now, where I'm envision some form of crustaceous underbelly of an alien world, where the sky is a violet haze, chaos in the middle ground- kind of took the middle area idea from Norse myth, just to note, and the bottom level, is the most confusing of them all as it's almost pure darkness, and of course, all things are possible, good or evil under the veil of shadow, where imagination and reality can really affect whatever it encounters.  So anyhow, that's the process and backstory to this piece.


  1. Darkness could represent "unknown" or unexplored. I appreciate that you talked about your process in creating this piece, because usually I have trouble understanding abstract art when I come across them.

    Interesting that those lines seems like jolts and sudden changes, the layers broken, discontinued, mixed where they are cut, or the layers seemed electrically charged and interfering with one another where they touch. Venturing into the dark seems unintentional for some, some skim along the edge between and some do weave creating neon outlined paths, lighted paths through the dark but still surely returning the middle rather safely.

  2. Raven, thanks for the feedback. That's a wonderful interpretation, I really like the way you see this. Sometimes I feel it's against what I want accomplished, what kind of impression I want the piece to hold for the viewer, in which cases I won't delve too deeply into the process or some of my impressions. Other times, like here, I thought it advantageous, and perhaps ground the piece a bit, by discussing the way it came about.

    Back to your interpretation, I love the idea of jolts and changes, which does happen, and is very apparent in life itself, I wish i had preplanned that, so I could say it was preplanned, but it's absolutely what I love about art and poetry, the interpretational aspect, where creator can learn and see his own creation as seen through others eyes. Thanks so much again, really glad you enjoyed the piece:)

  3. It's a pleasure. :) I feel the same way about feedback from readers of my work -- sometimes I get insights from the feedback, and saw things at an angle I wouldn't have otherwise seen.