Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blur, Graffiti, Stained Glass

Three pieces I put together over the past couple of days.  The first is an abstraction, of what goes on when things get blurred.  I used one of the brushes in Mr. Paint's sticker spray pack to get this feeling down for this piece.  The second piece is just a bit of graffiti art.  I tried to remember back to when this style of letting was predominant.  I remembered back when I use to see a lot of graffiti around and recalled all these names I'd never heard of, so I just grabbed zero hour as it also can be read symbolically as well.  The animal carving is here to represent how graffiti has change over the centuries.  The last piece is a stained glass painting that has numerous hidden elements within the overall design.  Hope you all enjoy:)

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