Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inter-Dimensional Predatory Rights, Rules and Regulations

Ok.  This piece is extremely abstract.  So, that said I feel it necessary to put together a brief overview.  As always painting, all of art really, is meant to bring about a reaction.  Interpretations, whatever it may be is the correct idea, regardless of what I or any other artist claims a piece to being representational of.  It's whatever you get out of art that matters.

That said, I'll uncover some of the clues in this Mosaic inspired abstract.  There is a story to tell.  Look at the tags to get some of the basic themes.  The symbols have meaning, they aren't simply decoration.  Yet, these symbols are made up, to a certain extent.  What I did was take characters from languages and history and used those as models for putting this together.  But I think you can figure out what each means without knowing exactly what each represent, well at least I hope I did a good enough job that you're able to.  

The piece is really about 3 dimensions.  Future earth, where hearts are free to love and explore.  In the future earth building represent the person.  There is a reptilian destroyer of worlds, who has taken hiding in this future earth.  Destroying the inhabitants of this small patch of love.  The wormholes appear and enter the Galactic enforcer, he's reptilian in nature too, but a hybrid of humanoid, druid and lizard.  He's the good guy and he wields a hammer- hint.

Okay, so the symbols can be read in a few ways, either they were scribbled across the landscape by the "earthling" prior to destruction, or the Reptilian heavy, who could have written them as marking down a history of his victory over the earthling.  Or it could be love, calling out for help, trying to signal anyone that could possibly hear its call.   I've also been told it could be the Hero, letting the "Earthlings" know all is safe once again.  Possible, interesting, but I don't know about that, seeing he's just arriving as the piece begins.

Anyhow, it's up to you to decide.  Perhaps you'll have looked at the piece prior to reading all of this.  Hopefully you will, that way your interpretation won't be tainted by what I had in mind.  Again I typically don't like mentioning what something is about, but with the really abstract pieces I've been told it helps.

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