Friday, January 13, 2012

The Castle in the Clouds

I really like how these pieces came out, as I do a few others I'll post in the next couple days after I have a moment or two to touch them up.  I was looking for another fantasy-inspired scene and love what I got in the first one.  It's a castle, in the clouds in the distance.  But what I love about these two pieces when taken together is how that these two paintings are identical, yet it's hard to tell.  In fact I love how a bit of alteration to color scheme and deepness of color can in fact completely alter a scene.  In this case the second seems much closer than the first which appears at distance.  Anyhow, thought I'd share some of my thoughts on these, in addition to the paintings themselves.

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  1. You make an important point about color here and how perception is completely altered through its application. Often in painting color is cast as cosmetic, ignoring its potential as subject. Here you illustrate color's central role, how it can be necessary versus contingent. I love this exploration in your work. These pieces and those that precede it are wonderful.