Monday, January 30, 2012

Vision: Pinholes Skewering


  1. This looks like an 8 bit template of an old NES game. Get the feeling it's a 3D picture but light is not allowed right through it all, the dots on the right side is a clue that might be more hidden behind the black. The front appears to be some kind of weave. I'm also starting to think it's some kind of many layered maze.

  2. Haha, you know what I agree with you it does have strong similarities to the old NES graphics. I like your take here, I was going with a three paneled piece, the first completely dark and/or impossible to see what is behind, the second is obviously clearly in view but it's difficult to see what's behind because of the weave blocking the path, and the third is the dots where the image could be seen, but only in part as one must look through the tiny holes to get a look. Thanks, really like the maze notion. Fits in well. Thanks