Friday, January 27, 2012

The Young Master of the Blackest Bird


  1. It's looks like the wizard has chased them off his perch. I could imagine he could see clearer now, and it's probably gonna a whole lot less noisy and gloomy. I bet he only just realized he could do that after sitting with them for so long. He's happy about the self discovery. Such joy.

  2. Yeah it does look like the birds are being chased away. I was going for the swarm of crows to be either interpreted as moving to or from the character himself. I really don't work in oils all too often so it was a bit of an excursion where I didn't really know where I was heading to, which is actually how I do most of the art I do, but here there was a point where I thought cartoon and did my best to go with it. i was actually really pleased how this came out seeing I have the most trouble with people. Thanks, love your take on this piece. Thanks