Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NFL Playoffs Round 2 Game Predictions

In the Wild-Card games last weekend, we saw Houston, New Orleans, New York Giants and Denver pull off the first wins of the NFL playoffs.  I went 3-1 last weekend, only missing on the Denver game, which I'm actually happy they won, just didn't think they would.

Week 2 Playoff Games.


Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

Decent game by the numbers and I do like the Ravens at home.  But that said, I won't by shocked in the least bit if Houston wins either.  Baltimore, on offense, has a somewhat shaky QB in Joe Flacco and some so-so guys for him to throw the ball to.  But they have Ray Rice and a solid defense.  Houston, if it weren't for rookie QB TJ Yates manning the ship, I would have to say would probably have taken the 2-seed, and also would have taken this matchup.  The Texans still have Arian Foster and Andre Johnson is back so they can move the ball against the Ravens while their defense has been pretty darn good all year.  A close one, but I'll hedge my beats on the more experienced playoff squad, that being Baltimore.  Ravens 28  Texans 24

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

Tough game to try and break down impartially.  I hate the Patriots and really like Tim Tebow.  So you know where my heart is here, but how, just how can I make a case for the Broncos to win here.  It's tough, especially in light of the game a few weeks ago between these teams.  But, if Denver has a chance here it has to be done in my opinion by exploiting the NE secondary and seeing Tebow threw the long-ball pretty well last week, who knows.  The Broncos defense can be scored upon, but have been pretty good all year, so they just have to keep the score close.  But can they, that's really the BIG question here.  NE 35  Denver 23


New Orleans @ San Francisco

The Niners under rookie HC Jim Harbaugh have got this far on smart offensive play-calls center-pieced by the short throw and a heavy reliance on the run and their PK David Akers.  Yeah, they have an all-world defense too.  But I don't care how strong this defense has been all year, they won't be able to keep Drew Brees down all day, and for the hometown team to pull this game out and advance, Alex Smith will have to keep pace with Brees, a task I can't envision happening.  Having to keep pace means making more throws over 15 yards and when Smith has to do this he typically makes some costly mistakes.  Well, we'll see.  NO 28  SF 20

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers

This should be the marquis game this week.  I love the Giants offense when they are effective but can't stand it when they're not.  They'll have to be effective here, as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense only knows effective.  I look for a high scoring game as both defenses can be scored upon, but I just think Rodgers is lightyears better than this Manning and therefore the Pack should win this game.  GB 45 NY 35

Enjoy this week of Playoffs and see ya next week.

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