Thursday, June 28, 2012

Butterfly Effective

sentimentally inert
with affections toward butterflies,
even moths

rest, predictably effecting,
the ladders of time

as weeks merge into
one day (light)

spaces beams

it's pattern of designs,
often go unseen

to all variables in each
fragmentation of scenery

Sparse reception,
scantily clad,
amidst the nets cast unto
methodologies unveiled

organically, naturalistically,
the skeptic must
reconsider his orientation

One small differentiation, a brushing,
a daub, a touch…

Unto nothing

yet, this nothing
is about to
alter everything

For Wednesday Wake Up Call over at New World Creative Union, where Natasha prompts us to think of, and to become inspired by, the butterflies that capture our creative eyes.


  1. touch can change turn in another direction...nice play on the butterfly effect...

  2. Very interesting, it invites deeper consideration. . . nice share.

  3. Oh yes so often we can't appreciate the intricate patterns and beauty of this fluttering wonder, just when you think you're close enough it's on to another sweet morsel of delight - lovely Fred - Lib

  4. Wow Fred..."yet this nothing is about to alter everything" Powerful statement. Nice work!!

  5. Ooh, I like this reading and the image to you created, Fred. Interesting!!!

  6. Indeed...those wings flutter and destiny is changed...LOVE this one Fred...the mystery, the inspired feel to the piece...and that image is fantastic...always ALWAYS love what you bring to the table as it ALWAYS sets my mind to pondering...I've taken to calling it trippin' poetically :)

  7. gorgeous art, fred! I was thinking butterflies myself today and I photographed a pretty one in my back yard!

  8. WOW! Love the image and writing Fred! Excellent! Also your writing style, which carries me from the beggining through to the end! Also,

    it's pattern of designs,
    often go unseen..."

    Yes, indeed, Fred, so much goes unseen these days, as humankind is bedazzled by plastic and glitter! But, to everything there is a season! Write on brother!

    Roger ☺

  9. yep, love me some great endings, and this was a strong one. Good job Fred!

  10. Very beautiful. :) The poem that accompanies lends greater appreciation for the details.