Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gifts (For Creative Tuesdays)

Over at Creative Tuesdays, this weeks theme is a parlay off the celebration one.  It is, of course, Gift.  Head on over and check out all the gifts prepared for you by the ultra-talented artists that contribute to Creative Tuesdays.  And while you're there, read the guidelines and join in.

A bit of a background for this piece.  I initially was going with the gifts under the Christmas tree idea, but then, I got to thinking, literally while I was putting the bulbs on the tree, that Gifts can be so many different things, and from there I came up with God and Country, partially due to a Smashing Pumpkins song that just happened to play while doing this, in which Billy Corgan, the lead singer, repeated God and Country a few times in the song.  From there Family was easy, as was love.  I have to admit, the last area remained empty for a while, which is completely ironic, as my workspace is filled with over 300 books, yet it took me a few days to come up with Knowledge anyhow.


  1. Oh, this is great! You're come in all kinds of forms. Someone just sent me a book titled "1000 Gifts" which reminds you to be thankful for little things around you. I guess that's just it...we are so accustomed to somethings like books and our country that we can easily overlook them!

    Your tree skirt is especially cool looking. :)

    300 books, huh!? :)

    1. Thanks Betsy. yeah things can get overlooked. Yeah, somewhere in that neighborhood, definitely over 300 and those are just the ones in my room, I have a good collection of cook books, yep, love to cook, but know my limits lol, and fiction books, which I have upstairs and some other school books I don't really look at anymore, stored in the basement, which isn't the best place for them but oh, well.

      Yeah, I kind of have a reading addiction lol

  2. Fred, this is a great interpretation of gifts.... I love the details you always do, and the brilliant colors you use.

    BTW I have the same book as Betsy..1000 gifts, and I'm up to #675 in my list.

  3. you know, Fred, this is a really interesting one b/c as I reflect on this, I have to very significant degree lost each one of these at some point or other, save for God that is as He's ever present, right? :) these are all very precious gifts indeed, NOT to be taken lightly. TY for doing this.

  4. you've put such wonderful thought into this theme Fred, your ideas are quite moving. Beautiful art!

  5. Fred I just read your comment on my Gift of Hearing, and it brought tears to my eyes. I have so many friends, and family members that for some reason (I think its pride) can't admit they have a problem. And what's so sad, it's a problem that can be solved.....Yeah!!! Thank God my wanting to hear overpowered my pride, and now for the past 15 years, I've been an advocate for hearing aids...but not many takers!! I love your stories, and like you...most everything sparks a story from me...HaHa... I got a million of them. Thanks again!!!!

  6. oh this is soooo great - i love all of your Life gifts here.
    excellent interpretaiton indeed!

  7. what a great montage! All these are very precious indeed. I also really love the retro look that inevitably using this software produces! hard to explain...