Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Reawakening of Hiatus Fields

Took the original, colorless template design for The Coloring of Structure, and used a knife to stretch the piece into the realm of the virtually unseen.  All the lines are there, just reorganized and blurred to the point where it's difficult to make anything other than a splattering of random lines and marks.

Here, I chose to randomly use a variety of colors to fill in the above canvas.  In so doing, many of the marks and lines gain a new life, and are reborn.

Finally, for this last piece, I used the piece immediately above this entry.  Here, I wanted to see what dynamics could be impressed upon the piece by simply changing one major facet.  That change, of course, was the substitution of a black background for the white one used previously.  I think the effects are dramatic, and really like how the results of this experiment, I feel, adds another example to the  wonderfully transformative effective of color upon a piece, and in result,  makes the ordinary or similar, different.


  1. Love how 3D it becomes. I know technology has changed art immensely ... have you ever tried this with wax and etching to reveal ... the old ways of discovery are so messy. Nice post.

  2. For the me the main difference is that the black gives me a sense of depth that I don't really get from the white. Nice work.