Monday, June 11, 2012

Fireworks Celebration (Creative Tuesdays)

This week, the theme over at Creative Tuesdays is Celebrations.  I have to admit, I couldn't think of what to do.  I had a few ideas, but none of them panned out the way I wanted them to.  Then, I was watching a show, actually channel surfing, not really sure what the show was, but in that brief flip of the channels, I noticed a fireworks display and that's when I got the inspiration for this piece.

I was reminded of when I was a child and my parents used to take me and my younger sister over to this hill about 20 minutes from our house.  It was really nice, as it was in a nice area, but also because they let people sprawl out their towels, picnic baskets and it all turned out to be a really nice place, where a lot of families would get together to watch the fireworks display, that the village was running about a mile or so away.

I remember always thinking how close the display appeared, despite the distance between launch site and our location up on that hill.  The only thing I wish I could've incorporated into the piece are all the variety of sounds associated with the fourth, but hopefully everyone's experienced one of this and will have no problem recalling those loud yet exciting sounds, that again, seemed so very close to our ears.

I haven't been to a fireworks display in a really long time though. Actually, I think my last time seeing one was when I had a business trip in Boston, MA about 5 years or so ago.  I stayed at this hotel near the water, and I was high enough up, that I had a perfect view of the display, and I have to say, it was pretty awesome, way beyond
anything we ever got on that hill.

But then again, I think the fond memories of those trips to that hill, weren't so much as the marvel of the fireworks itself, as it was the time spent together as a family, which, as we age, it gets harder to coordinate such moments of real quality time, like the kind I so fondly remember we'd share back then as kids.


  1. I had a feeling you would do fireworks! The sky looks awesome in your painting...very cool! I have a few in my piece as well, but they look very amateurish compared to yours. lol. Really nice memories, too. Our little village does a display on Labor Day weekend. We think it's pretty awesome for a small town, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to the big cities. :)

  2. What a precious memory of childhood. When we lived in Santa Barbara, CA by the ocean, years ago when our children were small, that was an annual event to watch the fireworks over the ocean on 4th of July. Your scene...just made me think of the blankets, the picnics, the fun of family..Thanks Fred, for reminding me of a treasured time with our family.

  3. Fred,this really is a joyous piece of art. Very clever how you have got the fireworks bursting (they look so real) and the texture of the grass. I love the brightly coloured towels as well. Very celebratory!

  4. you've re-created a beautiful scene and lovely memories Fred!

  5. I really enjoyed reading about the inspiration behind your piece and the colors are just lovely!

  6. Fred, I posted a comment yesterday...guess it didn't publish. I was just saying it so reminds me of celebrations on 4th of July we had in Santa Barbara of seeing fireworks over the ocean, sitting on our blankets on the beach.

    Nice work.

  7. what a great drawing and cool story!! Everyone has great fireworks memories, I'll bet (except for my poor uncle I'm sure, where one exploded under his vehicle & make his car blow up!!) I actually wanted to draw fireworks too but I couldn't figure out how to make it work.

  8. this is a sweet post...and I love what you said about the fireworks on the hill...i am with's the littel moments of quality time that we need to cherish - cool artwork too - yes, the addition of sound would be a great idea...we need to invent an APP for that!

  9. Very nice, Fred. Thanks for sharing your experiences in words as well. I like those patches on the hill of green grass -- picnic sheets and towels to sit on. Watching the fireworks that could be in the far distance. That the thing about fireworks, you don't have to near the site of where they are fired to enjoy them too.

    There's such color in the sky above them. It is like that in terms of mood especially after fireworks, everyone is cheerful, everything has color and you see those fireworks for a little while longer for the lights they leave behind your eyes.

  10. Yes, I agree with heather--a lovely post. Cool pic too. I like the clouds in the corner rolling in in psychedelic manner and knew right off the bat those were towels and spreads from which to watch the display. Clever abstract, Fred, adn good to see you have such fond memories there.

    So, the Boston display--did you get to enjoy it with anyone you know or was that a solitary exp?

    Ty for doing this. msut have taken you ages.

    1. Thanks. It was one of those that did take a bit of time No, Boston was a solo gig, should've been a multi-person job but the other guy quit a few days before the job and the company didn't have time to replace him, so I just had to do it myself. Actually because of that, I got to see the fireworks, for if I had another working the project, the job would've been done a week or so before the fourth. Glad you liked the piece. As always, a great showing this week. Thanks