Thursday, September 13, 2012

NFL 2012 Week 2 Predictions

Well, week one's in the books, and as things panned out, I have to say I was pretty surprised by the number of points scored, how far behind the defense is from the offense, and that I'm still in preseason mode for my picks.  Didn't fare too well last week, 9-7, which is still above .500, but well below the high percentage I had last year, and not what I was hoping for.  Well, one week done and that quickly another comes upon us.

This week I'm looking for the offense-defense gap to close somewhat.  Every team has that first game underneath them, and outside of the injuries that really hurt a few teams in week one, they'll be aches on all teams, which, in and of itself should help the defensive units out.  Now, that all said, all that offense in week one was definitely fun to watch, just makes it a bit tough to gauge when trying to pick.

This week, I don't feel I have a good grasp as to what to expect, and that is all solely based upon the poor defensive play in week one, outside of NE, SF and HOU, I'd have to say most teams disappointed me, and then you had a few teams shock me, NYJ, TB and STL with the loss, but probably the best defensive performance of the week in my opinion.  Ok, onto week 2.

Thursday Night

Chicago @ Green Bay

I loved the way Chicago looked last week.  Cutler to Marshall looks as if they never were separated.  GB was off offensively and looked terrible at times.  I think things will tighten up here this week.  I really can see this game going either way, and actually my gut is telling me to take Chicago, but I'll go against it and take the home Pack. 24-21

Tampa Bay @ NY Giants

Tampa had a great showing last week against Carolina.  The Giants were not up to snuff in their opener.  In my mind though there's just too much space between these two teams.  Giants 24-28

Oakland @ Miami

Miami looked terrible, but they did go against Houston, so I took that into account here, in regards to final score.  Oakland did a few nice things in a stinker of a game against SD, but I think they're ahead of Miami right now, simply because they have a game changer in DMC.  If he wasn't playing I'd take Miami.  Another stinker of a game. Oakland 20-13

Houston @ Jacksonville

I can't see Jax winning.  Houston 28-7

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Cleveland played really well against Phi.  Cinci played abysmal against Baltimore.  I still like the Bengals, but actually think this could be a contest.  Cinci 24-20

KC @ Buffalo

Ok, both teams struggled in week one.  Buffalo was embarrassing.  I can't give up on my bills yet, and if Flowers doesn't play this could be an answer type of game to their poor play last week.  CB's have to be better though if Pass rush has any chance.  Buffalo 31-27

Baltimore @ Philadelphia

Baltimore was clicking on all cylinders and Philly looked out of sync, again to start a season with high hopes.  I like Baltimore a lot this year, and I'm not a Vick believer.  17-10

NO @ Carolina

I think Carolina will fare better offensively than they did against TB.  I think the boost will be seen in the running game, getting Stewart back helps a lot.  But I think NO is still better than Carolina.  I can't wait to watch this one, should be a lot of points scored.  NO 42-35

Arizona @ New England

Simply put New England in a rout.  42-17

Minnesota @ Indianapolis

Luck's first outing was a mixed-bag.  Minnesota looked much better than I expected and AP is only going to be one game healthier.  Minnesota in a surprising competitive game 17-14

Washington @ St. Louis

STL defense played great last week against Detroit, but RG III and the Skins were the team that came out in rare form.  I think it's for real too.  I doubt RGIII repeats his week one performance, but I do think he'll lead the Skins to a W.  23-13

Dallas @ Seattle

Dallas should handle this one easily.  That said, Seattle doesn't lose too often at home and I think this will surprise many as they pull off the upset.  20-14

NYJ @ Pittsburgh

I'm sorry, maybe I'm jilted from the game last week, but I'm not buying into the Jets yet.  I'm not high on Pittsburgh this year, but I think they'll take the Jets down a notch this week.  22-20

Tennessee @ SD

Could be another stinker.  If Locker plays the whole game and CJ2K is not invisible I think the Titans will win, if not it goes to SD.  I think the Titans pull it off though.  24-17

Detroit @ SF

Rematch of sorts, the Harbaugh vs. Schwarts round 2.  SF stymied GB and they'll do the same this week, there Defense is lights out and there offense is better.  I think they'll be great all year.  Although, I do think Stafford and the Lions will do a bit better offensively than they did last week, despite the better defense this week.  SF 22-14

Denver @ Atlanta

Not much rust on Peyton Manning and with Grimes out, just another chink in the Falcons D for Manning to pick apart.  Should be a fun game with a lot of passing though.  Denver 33-28

See you in Week 3


  1. The Skins haven't made me a believer yet. Taking St. Louis for that one.

    With Peterson getting healthier, I expect a little more out of Minnesota.

    1. yeah, I hear you on the Redskins, I hope you're right, just can't really see the Rams pulling it out, but hope they do as I have Bradford in my money league for Fantasy. As for Minnesota, I think they'll win, and I do see AP getting more action, I just can't really get totally behind Ponder yet, and I don't consider Harvin a number one receiver, he's good, but he was great when Favre was there and the had Sydney Rice playing lights out. Against Indianapolis you might be right, they do have the chance at least, of doing much better than the close win I picked. Very cool that you're into football