Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NFL Week 3 Game Predictions

Two weeks down and still not firing on all cylinders.  I was unhappy about going 9-7 in week one and even more unhappy about going .500 this past weekend.  9-7, 8-8 isn't terrible, but it's a small stones throw away from average.  I really thought I'd have a much better record after two weeks than where I'm sitting here today at 17-15.  But, there's still fifteen more weeks to be played, which is plenty of time to inch back to the amazing season I had just a year ago.

On to Week 3.

Thursday Night

New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers

I'm looking forward to this one.  The Giants aren't exactly playing Super Bowl Champion type of football and are really banged up, now throughout the roster.  The Panthers were pretty bad in week one, but got their ground game, their bread and butter, going this past week.  With Carolina's so-so secondary, I think Eli, Cruz and Nicks should be ringing up the highlight film once again.  But I also think Cam Newton will definitely be able to do some damage against a to-date, not so impressive Giants Defense.  I look for a high-scoring game with the Giants squeaking out the win late.  37-34

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

Dallas' ineffectiveness in week 2 is most certainly cause to be concerned for Cowboy fans.  And outside a poor show of sportsmanship at the end of their week 2 contest, the new Buc's are pretty impressive so far.  I think Dallas will pull this one out though, they are the more talented team, right?  Close though.  21-20

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

Jags aren't good, plain and simple.  There were some that thought Gabbert was getting it this year, that he had a deadly two headed RB attack with MJD and Jennings, along with a revamped WR corp, highlighted by rookie Justin Blackmon.  I never completely bought into them, and said that if they're going to win, it's because of strong defense and a strong running game.  Teams have run all over them this year, but MJD is rounding back into form, or so we have been hearing.  Indianapolis has had flashes offensively, QB Luck is showing why he was so highly touted in college and he's getting plays made by Wayne and Donnie Avery.  There defense is terrible all around though.  Well, with that logic, you'd have to take Indianapolis because of the more potent offense right?  well, not exactly.  I'm going with the Jags, as Indianapolis can't run the ball as of yet. Perhaps this will be the week they can, but I'll take Jacksonville in an ugly one. 23-21

Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns

Bills had an impressive game last week, pushing the week one debacle in NY firmly behind them.  Cleveland is playing strong defensively and is showcasing talented RB Richardson.  Buffalo's been very stout against the run and will look to take Richardson out of the game early, making  QB Weeden beat them through the air, where I'd have to say it's been a split-decision for Buffalo's secondary so far.  This should be a close game up until somewhere in the 3rd quarter where the more talented Bills team takes control.  28-14

NY Jets @ Miami Dolphins

The Jets came back down to earth last week in Pittsburgh, Miami found it's wheels in RB's Bush and Miller alongside a pretty solid showing by rookie QB Ryan Tannehill.  I'm half tempted to take Miami here at home, but the Jets are just way more talented then they showed last week and Miami isn't playing the Raiders defense this week.  Jets in a good game in the style that has become a great division rivalry.  14-10

Kansas City Chiefs@ New Orleans Saints

Should be a high scoring game.  Both teams have offensive talent and have pretty porous defenses so far this year.  In this case, I take the elite QB Brees over a bunch of talented but an underachieving KC offense.  New Orleans in a gunfight  35-24

Cincinnati Bengals @ Washington Redskins

Skins should be, if not for a boneheaded mistake at the end of the game, 2-0.  Cincinnati has weapons so perhaps they'll make a showing of it.  Actually, with the Skins losses to Carriker and Orakpo, things did get a bit easier.  But I'm taking RGIII as he just seems to make plays.  Another close game.  Washington 17 Cincinnati 14

St. Louis Rams @ Chicago Bears

St. Louis has played two quality games so far, going 1-1, easily could be 2-0 though.  Chicago got embarrassed by GB last week.  I think they are the more talented squad, and they're at home.  Could be fun to watch if Bradford can repeat his week 2 performance, if not could be a long day for Ram fans.  Chicago 19-12

San Francisco 49'ers @ Minnesota Vikings

After stifling two of the leagues more prolific offenses in GB and Detroit, this week should feel like a bye for the niners.  SF 31-6

Detroit Lions @ Tennessee Titans

One of these teams will win.  Tennessee has been scored upon at will this year.  Just what Stafford and Calvin Johnson need.  Almost unfair.  Detroit 42-17

Atlanta Falcons @ San Diego Chargers

One of two games this week featuring two undefeated teams.  Both look a legit 2-0 as well.  Could be a highlight game on the schedule this week.  I'm going to take Atlanta, because of their defense, it's been pretty impressive so far.  The Chargers might get RB Ryan Matthews back though, which should open up an offense that's already clicking.  However, I'll stick with my gut here and take Atlanta in a good game.  24-21

Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals

The second battle of the undefeated teams.  While I'm not an Eagles fan by any stretch of the imagination, in fact I pretty much have rooted against them ever since they signed Mike Vick, but that's a conversation for a different time.  The Eagles though impressed me in being able to hang in there with Baltimore and eventually squeaking out the win.  Sure, the scab ref's blew a TD for the Ravens, but nevertheless, I left the game impressed.  Arizona, wow, just wow, they went to foxboro and did something no team has been able to do before, beat NE @ Gillete in a home opener.  That said, I just think there's a major disparagement of talent between these two teams.  I like the Cardinals too, one of my teams when growing up (another longer story), but I don't think they'll hang with Philly.  Eagles 35-14

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders

Going out to the West Coast gives East Coast teams fits, but I think Pittsburgh walks all over the Raiders.  Pittsburgh 24-7

Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos

Could be a really good game.  Undefeated and perhaps, after SF, the best team in the league right now in Houston and a Peyton Manning led Broncos squad that looks to be a serious contender in the AFC this year.  This game could hold significance later on as well.  At home Denver gains an edge, but how the Texans have looked so strong on both sides of the ball, I just can't pick against them.  Houston 33-28

New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens

Two teams angry over week 2 losses.  Ravens are at home though and the Patriots will be without TE Aaron Hernandez, a featured weapon of Tom Brady's.  For these reasons I'll take Baltimore and look for Raven's QB Joe Flacco to have a big game in the process.  Baltimore 28-21

Monday Night

Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks

Teams don't fare well in Seattle, that's a fact.  Both teams are coming off dynamic wins over pretty good competition, but I can't take the home team, not unless Aaron Rodgers is a last minute scratch for no apparent reason.  GB 21-13

See you in week 4.

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