Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 NFL Regular Season Game Predictions-Week 16

Last week was, in my opinion, a terrible week of football.  The only real saving grace was the SF-NE game, which did turn out to be pretty good.  Other than that we had some lopsided games and three shutouts, pretty boring and certainly not compelling.  Yet, as far as picking the games went, I finished 10-6 for Week 15 and now I'm sitting at 152-72 for the season.

With only two weeks left, I thought I'd dig back into the archives to see exactly what my record was last season.  I'd been saying all along that I picked near .750 last year, which, apparently my memory had a case of inflation, as my actual record last year was 168-88 or a .656 mark.  Still not bad, especially seeing I did go around to all the major sites and many of the lesser known ones as well, and I couldn't find any person with a higher winning percentage last year.

So, that all said, my goal hasn't changed.  My intention was to hit .750 and beat last years mark in the process.  Well, I did the math and where I sit right now, even if I went perfect for the last two weeks I'd be close but would not make the .750 mark. As for beating last year's mark, if the consistency I've shown all year plays out these last two weeks, I'll meet that goal.  All I have to do is go 16-16, or .500, to tie last years mark, so 17-15 to beat the .656 winning percentage from last year.  That said, I can only, at best, tie last year's mark this week, and that's with a perfect week, which I haven't had yet this year.  Ok, enough of that, onto the Week 16 picks.

Thursday Night Football

Atlanta Falcons @ Detroit Lions

Well, the TNF games this year have been pretty bad overall.  Last week's wasn't terrible, but not great either.  This week looked like it would be a prime matchup before the season started but with Detroit getting beat down by Ryan Lindley and the Arizona Cardinals last week, home or not, I can't take Detroit over an Atlanta team that beat the SB champs 34-0 in week 15. Atlanta 24-14

Sunday Games

Oakland Raiders @ Carolina Panthers

Oakland is brutal.  Carolina will run all over them.  Newton will have his way at home.  33-13

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

Stinker of a game.  Miami has actually been playing better as of late and well, the Bills have packed it in.  That game on Sunday was pathetic and hopefully will be the last straw that needed to happen to force managements hand at some serious change for 2013.  Miami will be looking to avenge the game earlier this year in Orchard Park.  Miami wins pretty easily.  27-14

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This could be a pretty good game.  Pittsburgh's been losing lately and have fallen out of the top 6 and are now staring up at Cincinnati who are currently in the playoffs with the 6th seed.  I think Pittsburgh will take this one at home though. Just a gut feeling.  27-24

Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs

Colts big.  KC is already thinking about Geno Smith and perhaps Bill Polian.  35-7

New England Patriots @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Another lopsided game and the Pats will be mad the couldn't see last week's come back pay off.  NE 50-20

New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys

I like the Cowboys here, but I like the Saints a little more.  I am impressed with how Dallas has been playing lately and as a football fan I hope this division stays tied going into next week's Dallas-Washington game.  But, I think NO pulls this one out 17-14

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles

Lots of chatter about Philly pulling out all the stops to get up for this game.  My thought is that if they need to try and get overly motivated for a division game where they could play a big-time spoiler, well, then they have already lost.  Washington, RGIII or not.  30-21

St. Louis Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs were embarrassed last week.  The Rams were too, but to a lesser degree.  TB is at home and I think they have the better team.  TB 20-13

San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets

Terrible game.  Only thing to watch out for is how McElroy fares in first ever start.  Should be Tebow though.  Man, NY is a train wreck and the only thing making this terrible Bills season not as bad.  SD 24-10

Tennessee Titans @ Green Bay Packers

Titans have been playing better lately but so have the Packers.  Tennessee can't matchup talent or coaching with GB and being at home skews the odds all the more.  GB 35-17

Minnesota Vikings @ Houston Texans

I think Houston wins easily and wraps everything up.  But, I'll be watching this one, simply to cheer on AP as he shoots for 2000 yards and a shot at the record.  Houston 34-21

Cleveland Browns @ Denver Broncos

Cleveland's played well lately, especially on defense.  But, Denver has a special thing going right now and Peyton has been pure Peyton.  And the fact Nick Saban rumblings are being tossed about can't sit too well with the guys in the visitor's locking room either.  Denver big. 41-17

Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals

Chicago is in free fall mode right now.  I can't hardly criticize them though, they've been bit hard by the injury bug.  But, despite the Cards winning last week, I think this is a get well game for the Bears.  Chicago 21-9

New York Giants @ Baltimore Ravens

Interesting matchup here.  With both teams, you never really know what you're going to get until game day.  I'm taking NYG here because Baltimore seems to be falling and now WR Smith is the latest of their injuries.  NYG rebound 17-13

San Francisco 49'ers @ Seattle Seahawks

Pretty awesome game to close out the week.  Seattle is almost unbeatable at home and that's where this one is being played.  A Seattle win makes things much more interesting for both these teams going into the final week.  I just think SF is the better team and with CK at QB, they are pretty explosive offensively and even Buffalo showed a couple flairs at the end of the first half last week.  Where Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn't take advantage of Seattles CB woes, (injuries and suspensions), CK and SF will do just that in week 16.  SF 34-24

I hope everyone enjoys a great week a football, all your teams win for you and that everyone has a great Christmas.  See you next week for the last week of the regular season.

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