Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 NFL Season-Week 17 Game Predictions

Wow, how the time has quickly passed us by.  For some, (Cough, Cough) mercifully so.  But really, it seems like the hopes of every NFL city was still alive, each having a 0-0 record and a belief, like happens each and every year before the new year begins, but now, there's only one game left that truly has meaning.   Ok, there's a couple games that have seeding consideration, but the Washington/Dallas game is the only one with true implications.  I don't like either team, but I really hope Washington pulls it off and wins the division.  Part of me wants Dallas to win because I know a lot of Cowboys fans, but, I don't know, I just love how much success the rookie QB's have had this year and I guess, when you're team is brutal, you just have to tweak how you cheer.

Anyhow, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. As for the picks, I had another pretty good week, going 11-5 in week 16, bringing my season total to 163-77 for the year.  I need to go 6-10 this year to beat last years mark, so I'm crossing my fingers.  I should be ok, but you never do know truly how things will play out in Week 17, especially with so much decided already.

On to the Picks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta has everything locked up.  I'm expecting a limited number of plays for the Atlanta starters and a heavy does of the Tampa Bay regulars.  For this reason i think Tampa will take this game easily.  28-10

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

Who knows here.  I hope my Bills lose.  Kind of a December tradition around here, rooting for the better draft pick.  But the Bills have this uncanny ability to thrive under meaningless situations or when wins actually hurt you in the long run.  As for the Jets, I have no idea what team we'll see on Sunday.  With McElroy somewhat hurt, I'm expecting Sanchez to play.  Hopefully he can light things up, showing his fanbase a reason to be encouraged for next year.  Hahaha, I couldn't keep a straight face typing that.  Well.  I guess I'll take Buffalo 13-10

Baltimore Ravens @Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals are locked into the 6 seed, but the Ravens can theoretically move up in the seedings with a win.  It is unlikely though that this will happen, so I don't know what the thought process in Baltimore will be.  Nor do I presume to know what Marvin Lewis is thinking as far as his players go.  I'll take the Ravens though, for no other reason than I think I'd take them if this game was for the division.  Ravens 26-23

Chicago Bears @Detroit Lions

Bears are in a bad way right now.  Lions just want the season to end.  This will all be about Calving Johnson again.  Perhaps he can add to his record and I do believe there's another one he can get to this week as well, but not 100%.  I'm taking Detroit.  27-20

Jacksonville Jaguars @Tennessee Titans

Jaguars are done.  Titans aren't much better, but after getting humiliated last week, I would have to hope they want to end their season on a better note.  With this opponent, I think they have that opportunity.  Titans 35-17

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

Feel good story here.  Chuck Pagano back on the sidelines.  His team will be pumped up.  I'm sure they'll want this one for their coach, and not to mention, last time Indy had the chance to rest their starters going into the playoffs they did, and it cost them in the playoffs.  Yes, I know, different year, different team, but all things considered, I do think they'll want this game.  Houston will want it as well though.  They could theoretically slip down to third in the playoff standings with a loss.  I think it'll be a very difficult task to beat the Colts at home with the Pagano return, but I do think they'll pull it off.  Houston 17-14

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

GB could rest some players.  That is a possibility.  Minnesota has a couple of things to play for here.  With a win they are in, so that alone will keep them playing hard.  AP also has a record in his sights.  Personally I don't think he'll get it, but in any case, that is there to pay attention to.  I think the Vikings will lose, if Green Bay plays starters all the way through, but I'm not convinced they will.  Minnesota 20-14

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

Miami is ending their season and the Pats could move into the second seed if other games turn out in their favor.  I don't think they'll move up, but I do think they'll win this game.  NE 31-21

Carolina Panthers @New Orleans Saints

Carolina is playing some good football lately, perhaps playing for their coach.  I don't know if the new GM will keep Rivera or want to bring his own guy in.  That is to be seen.  But I like the way the Saints have decided to play things out as well as they could, even if they've effectively reduced superstar TE Jimmy Graham to a pedestrian TE in the process.  I know they are having some line issues and with Joe Vitt they're trying to run more, but they're games were fun with Graham shredding defenses.  I think this game could honestly go either way, but I'll take the Saints at home.  34-31

Philadelphia Eagles @ NY Giants

I'm not really sure how the math works out for the Giants, but I'm assuming a win and some help could still get them in the playoffs, but I'm not positive.  The Eagles could then be facing a spoiler role here.  They also are starting Mike Vick again, most likely his last game in an Eagles uniform.  With that, I'm assuming Vick will be spectacular, as he'll likely be in audition mode, something he's done well before.  I will take the Giants though, as they Eagle defense is horrendous.  NYG 40-28

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Another meaningless game.  I think the Steelers take this one at home, if for no other reason than for the Steeler Mystique itself.  Pittsburgh 21-10

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

Denver wants to keep the bye and the Chiefs have absolutely no incentive to get up for this game.  I guess they could want to play hard for their coach and GM, who are working their last game as Chiefs, but, why really, many of them will be on the team next year and a win could move them to third in the draft and a loss would all but assure them the top pick.  Denver 28-10

St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks are perhaps the hottest team right now and want to keep things rolling.  Rams want to finish strong but they are out and playing in Seattle, an almost impossible place to play these days.  Seattle 33-13

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49'ers

Cardinals are done and are terrible.  SF wants to go into the playoffs with some confidence and they just got manhandled by Seattle last week, so look for them to take that out on Arizona.  38-7

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers

Matt Leinart anyone?  I think he gets the start, but personally if I was a Raiders fan I'd rather see Tyrell Pryor play.  But perhaps that's just me.  I think SD will finally change coaching staffs in the offseason, but who knows, we've thought that before.  SD should win here.  34-16

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

This is the game of the week. Hands down.  If Dallas wins they'll leapfrog the Skins and claim the division title.  With a loss Washington can still claim a wildcard spot but will then need some help from a Minnesota loss.  I do believe if Dallas loses they are out.  If this game was in Dallas I think I'd feel better about the Cowboys here, but Washington is hot and I'd love to see a Washington vs. Seattle playoff game about now, so that would most likely need a skins win here.  Do I think Dallas can win in DC?  Sure.  Do I think Washington can dominate Dallas here? Yep.  I do think this will be a game you don't want to miss and one that will be decided late though.  I'll take Washington on a RGIII rushing TD with under a minute remaining for the win.  Washington 37-31

Well, it's been fun.  I'll do some playoff picks each week, but the real work is done.  I hope you enjoyed reading my takes on each game throughout the season and like I said, I'll be doing a short piece for each playoff round and then pick things back up with Mock drafts and so forth as it gets closer to that time.  Have a great new year, thanks for following my posts.

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