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2012 NFL Week 15 Game Predictions

Well, only three more weekends left in the 2012 NFL regular season.  It is so hard to believe we're already less than a month away from the postseason.  I really hope you're favorite teams are still alive, fighting for that postseason berth, as I'll, once again, have to live vicariously through you, as my team is yet again, barring one of the largest miracles in NFL history, to sit on the outside, looking in.  And in this century, to only have a couple of meaningful Dec and Jan game is just downright pathetic.

Anyhow, I had a great week picking last weekend.  I went 13-3 and am now sitting at 142-66 for the year.  With three more weeks remaining, I'm aiming to end strong here, as my preseason goal to match or beat last years record is still clearly in sight.  So, that said, let's head into week 15.

Thursday Night Football

Cincinnati Bengals @ Philadelphia Eagles

This is actually a very interesting game.  But not for the game itself.  Last week the Bengals were ahead of Dallas for the entire game, yet lost on a last second field goal.  Contrarily, the Eagles trailed Tampa Bay the entire game yet a last second TD from Foles to Maclin gave them the last second victory. Opposites for the spectrums to be sure.  And that theme continues this week for many of the games.  Here, Cincinnati is looking to build upon their chances to make the postseason while Philly is in evaluation mode.  I think the Eagles do have a chance against Leon Hall and Company, but I think Dalton, Green and Gresham are too talented for the Eagles to contain.  Last week's drops will not continue into this week and the Bengals take this one 31-17

Sunday's Games

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

I don't even care who plays for the Bears this week.  They are so banged up it may cost them a playoff berth yet again under the current regime.  Green Bay is getting healthier and have been gaining speed ever since they started off slow. Sure they stumbled here and there, which is normal.  They'll fly into Chicago and barring a major league snowstorm they'll win easily.  GB 35-14

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans

I kind of feel bad for Andrew Luck this week.  The Texans just got thwacked on monday night vs. the Pats and JJ Watt will be looking to vent.  The Colts line makes that a scary proposition.  I do think Luck will make his hay here but I think this game will be a laugher when it's all said and done.  Houston 42-17

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens

Ravens just fired their OC after consecutive losses and Denver is pretty darned good.  Manning seems to have a complimentary running game again, which is what the major scare was when McGahee went down, but Moreno's getting things done, so looks like the fear was a bit premature.  Baltimore is going to make the playoffs, but it's more and more looking like they may be backing themselves in.  The defense isn't what it's been, their offense has been so-so for most of the season and they have a QB in Joe Flacco that is good on most days yet does have his limitations, one of which is entirely out of his hands. That being a lack of real NFL receiving Corps.  In this game Ray Rice will have to do the heavy lifting, but when's that really not the case.  Bailey will blanket Boldin and while Torrie Smith does have the ability to get open deep, I worry that LT Oher, who's struggled this year, will not be able to provide Flacco enough time before Dumervil and Miller get to him.  That said, I do think Baltimore can win, but I find it highly doubtful.  Denver 24-10

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Miami Dolphins

Here's a stinker of a game.  The Jags have been better with Henne under center but he can't plug the running lanes up on defense, which is exactly how this teams lost the past two weeks.  Bush, Thomas and Miller will slice and dice the Jax defense all day.  Miami 24-13

Minnesota Vikings @ St. Louis Rams

Interesting game that I think can go either way.  Two pretty decent defenses.  Two QB's that have never quite lived up to their billing, granted Bradford's played well enough but has been injury prone over the course of his short career and Ponder, albeit a sophomore in the league, has actually cost his teams games this year.  Both offenses struggle and both defenses are pretty good.  That usually is a recipe for a low-scoring stinker.  Yet, sometimes the opposite occurs.  I like AP here alot, I like Chris Givens or Danny Amendola (if he plays).  I think We'll get one team into the twenties and the other will be close behind. I'll take the home team.  STL 23-20

Washington Redskins @ Cleveland Browns

Ok.  It seems as if I have to roll out the if then scenario for a third consecutive week, for those keeping track, I'm 1-1 in these type of games.  If RG III plays I'm taking the skins all day long.  If Cousins is the QB, I think it'll be a close one that a really up-and-coming Browns defense will find a flaw here and there to pull it out.  Ok.  With RGIII I go Washington 30-17, without RGIII I go Cleveland 17-14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints

Interesting game.  I actually like the Bucs here but I don't know, this Saints team got some kind of blow this week when the suspensions on their players were overturned. That and getting embarrassed by the Giants can't be sitting well with Brees and company.  At home, under these circumstances.  I'm going to expect big games out of Freeman, Jackson, Clark and of course Doug Martin.  For the Saints I like the passing game a lot and I love Brees here.  NO 26-24

New York Giants @ Atlanta Falcons

Giants may have thumped the Saints but their still only a game ahead of Dallas and Washington, so there won't be any decreased intensity.  Atlanta has to be feeling pretty low after getting handled by Cam Newton and the Panthers last weekend, yet I question if they can handle the Giants.  I guess I'll find out this weekend, but I'm betting against Atlanta and going with NY for the 31-24 win.

Seattle Seahawks @ Buffalo Bills (In Toronto)

Interesting.  Seahawks are unbeatable at home and not so good on the road.  Buffalo just isn't very good.  But, in this game, who will be the home team in terms of the fans.  I'm thinking that many Seahawks fans may make the trip, mind you a long trip.  I just can't see the Bills winning.  I know the defense has been playing well lately, very good in fact.  The Seahawks don't have a deadly offense by any means.  Lynch is solid, Wilson makes some plays and Rice/Tate have been coming on lately but overall they are just kind of there.  The Bills probably won't be scoring too much on this elite defense though.  Fitzpatrick is Jekyll and Hyde in game and the Coach is pretty terrible calling the game.  Yeah, could the Bills win, sure, it'll hurt their draft, so they might.  Other than that though, I like Seattle here 30-13

Carolina Panthers @ San Diego Chargers

Sure the Panthers beat the Falcons and the Chargers beat the reeling Steelers.  So what.  I like the San Diego here at home against a beatable defense on an overall mediocre at best team.  SD 24-20

Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals

I'm not that high on Detroit right now, but I highly doubt Arizona will correct all the bad things they've been doing the past few weeks, with the lowest point being last weekends 58-0 loss to the Seahawks.  I'm taking Detroit as a Default here.  23-13

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders

This is what they use to torture prisoner's of war these days.  I swear, force your prisoner to watch a quarter or so of this game and they'll be singing like a canary.  Bowe may not even play for KC.  Oakland, because they can at least move the ball at times.  16-14

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Dallas Cowboys

Steelers are reeling.  Cowboys didn't play well last week but won the game at the buzzer.  Tough game to pick.  I actually like a tie here.  But I'll go with Dallas as they're home and I like what the matchup of Romo and Bryant propose here.  Dallas 26-23 (OT)

San Francisco 49'ers @ New England Patriots

Don't you love how NE gets their most difficult two games in back to back weeks, in the cold, at home.  Funny isn't it.  Well I think it is.  And I just don't think SF can keep pace with the way the Patriots are moving the chains and killing the scoreboards.  NE 34-17

Monday Night Football

New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans

I bet ESPN is praying Tebow gets named the starter this week.  It won't happen but this game will be brutal to watch.  At least Jake Locker, Chris Johnson have some talent.  I'm going to take Tennessee to put the Jets and their fans out of their misery.  TEN 28-20

Hope you all have a great week of football. See you in week 16.

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