Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Realm Where Nightmares Keep

Beyond these walls
a pristine silence
envelops the earthen field

yet within the caverns of dream
this purity bears no witness
to the ravaging of sleep's seams

Portent etchings carve the dark veil

Transportation.  To a world unknown.
One that looks enticing from beyond
bear hellfire to those within

Ominous clouds enshroud above
pathways are in absentia
forcing the feet to maneuver through

Carnage is painted by some marauding pen
Scrawling image to the scry
Infusing agony within the eyes

Skeletal remains litter the field
I dare not search the wreckage

You know they are inside
burning still
yet, what could you do
really, herein this dark reflection,
what good could come

Overstepping burnt passage
Inhaling the toxicity it seeps
the scenic reminder
will never be
the same

One day perhaps my evening visions will be pastel rabbits and clover greens, but until such a day assumes the dream, the nightmares bleed their darkened screams.

Stop by the NWCU where for this weeks Wednesday Wake Up Call, Natasha gives us a really great prompt, night time, however we may find.  So stop on over, take in the prompt and check out those who've already linked up, which, by the way, all very good.  Take it all in and if inspired, which I'm pretty sure you will be, compose your inspiration as you may, link it up for other's to enjoy.  And while you're there, take a gander at all the excellent articles and offerings within the NWCU.


  1. Fred...I want that painting hanging in my blue room! There is as much of the hauntingly beautiful poetry to be found in that as there is in your words. A brilliant companion to the fantastic writing.I dread the sleeping hours...a grown woman who wakes terrified and refuses to open her eyes until the sun comes up...too scared to rise and turn on a light...okay...more of a confession than was needed ;) Those who know me in the real world blame my horror movie addiction...I fear if I were to share my dreams..they'd lock me up for good ;) Loved this...just in case you couldn't tell!

  2. "One that looks enticing from beyond
    bear hellfire to those within--"

    As you show!

  3. The nighmare experience well captured in your poem and reflects nicely in the illustration. I fear that nightmares will always bleed their darkened screams.

    A fine response to Wednesday's challenge.

  4. nightmare it is, fred. always prefer the rush of a nightmare to the disconcerting outwardly unconnected images that our "normal" dreams seem to bring together. the nightmare at least makes scares :) great write with your hard images and concrete style