Monday, July 11, 2011

IDEnA Brainstorming

The following is a game I like to play.  I start with one or two words and write the first word or two that comes to mind.  I keep extrapolating until I come up with something that produces a brand new idea, something to work with, whether it be a poem, a painting, a business idea and so forth.  The game is associative by nature and is based off some of the creativity brainstorming exercises that are widely known in creative circles.  I try to let my mind go in whichever directions it decides to travel and see what I come up with.  The exercise can take one or two lines, what I've briefly come up with here or much longer with multiple associations used for each word.  For the sake of brevity and screen size I chose to limit the associations, but when you're actually doing this game on your own I'd recommend using as many associations your mind comes up with and keep moving down the rows until you've got something you feel inspired to work with.  Sometimes, as I did here, when you get to a certain point I begin to run associations between the branches and reverse engineer the process from this alternative point of view.  You may want to try this variation for yourselves, as the numerous other methods that are detailed in many other locations.  Bottom line is to use whichever one you feel helps your creative mind the most.  One last thing, you should wind up having a lot of fun and if you're like me, you'll come up with something sooner than later using this brainstorming game.  It's never failed me, I think you'll like it.  Let me know what you think and how it inspires/assists you in your creative ventures

         Kong                                     Ass                               Animal
Wray          Nintendo             Beat           Kiss            House        Beast
Fay             Game                           Up              Beth      Cards    Burden
Fairy           Chance               Above        She            Suits        Heavy
Puck           Odds                   Sky             Deuce        Apt          Weight
Ice             Uneven               Cloud                  Two         Brick        Delay
Cold           unfair                           Puff            Also         Mortar     Avoid
Ill               Injustice              Smoke        Addition     Paste            Skip
Flu              Miscarriage                  Rings          More       adhesive   miss
Away          Loss                    Circles        Lather        Gel          Unwed
Off              Sorrow                Lap            Soap          Hold        Single
Switch        Pain                    Turn           Water        Tight          One
Lever                  Agony                 Adjust        Fluid         Cling       Alone
         Mistreat     Therapy              Freeze       Drip       Withdrawn                        Abuse           Icing            Particle            IV
                           Messy          Sugar                Needle
                                    Sticky                  Glucose
Donkey      Insulin


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