Monday, July 25, 2011

Wordplay Exercise

I thought I would share a wordplay exercise I use from time to time.  I use this exercise whenever I am looking for a connection of an organic or internal sense.  I only use logical rationale for the composition of each new word.  I typically begin with a single word, in this case I started with relate.  From there I start moving as far as I can without changing the "DNA" of the initial word.  Once I run out of room, no more prefixes, suffixes etc.. I start to see if I can break a word into two or more separate words that still make sense as one when put together.  In this case I took Relate and made it into Real late, Real elate and so forth, playing around with it for a while while trying to remain as true to the original composition of the starter word as possible.  Then when I feel I'm done I look at all the changes I made and kind of mark down a VS. system, in this case it turned out to be Real Vs. Reel.  I've added two more, well one more and the last one is basically an offshoot of the second exercise, you'll see when you scroll down that far.  

Once the exercise is complete I usually am able to find something I can use creatively.  Most of the time it's used for poetical purposes but I have found numerous ideas for sketches and designs in the past and paintings more recently.  If nothing comes from it, well, I still find it a pretty fun game to play, but I'm like that though, I love wordplay and word games in general.  Have fun with it, you never know what will strike you and in what way it could:)

Real elations
Real elation
Really elate
Reel elation
Reel elations
Reel elate
Reel elating
Real elating
Real late
Reel late
Real Vs. Reel

For agers
For ager
For aging
For age
For edge
For edging
For edger
Fore edger
For rest
For resting
For fester
For arrest
For arresting
Four rest
Four resting
Four arrest
Four arresting
For arrester
Fore arrester
Fore arrest
For Vs. Fore Vs. Four

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