Friday, July 8, 2011

A Segregation of Spectators, unified by Sportsmanship

Actually got the idea for this flipping through the channels.  The particular station didn't even faze me, however the scene was a Water Polo Match.  Yes with filled stadiums.  It was European I believe.  But the point was the crowd, as they were dressed in similar fashions, where the colors instantly jumped out at me.  What was more impressive to me, outside the occasionally ill-matched spectator, the colors were organized into these wonderfully crafted artificially created sections.  I thought about having some colors shift into the other sections, indicating a fight or disagreement may have broken out, but the image I saw didn't show any aggression.  The people weren't riled like at a football or  soccer match, but seemed to all just be there, showing the support for whomever it was they were supporting.  Anyhow, that's some background info.  So it's not just a bunch of colors on a page, as an unnamed friend had told me.

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