Thursday, July 14, 2011

Into The Garden Maze, After the Rainbow Floods

In a world
Where Labyrinths are the norm
Stately homes built for both glitz and meditative charm
There lives a man
A man no one's ever seen
But near the swirling rivers flow
A garden maze that continues it's growth
To the challenger the hills present
The flowing serenity amidst its mask
Alive comes the labyrinth
Not meant for meditative peace
Instead for those that accomplish bliss
Someplace hidden beneath the landscaped scenery
Is a cherished trove, of treasure amassed in gold
                             Yet the pursuer of this delicate crown
                            On this day, after the rainbows flood
                              Where to lose oneself in the maze this day
                                Is prescription for sanities release
                                  All in this region know, when the rainbow
                                    Leaks, the ground stays hued for days, sometimes weeks, so the quester seeking riches bold, on this day, it must be told, is for certain a desperate soul, where he puts wealth above well being.  So venture into the maze he does, to seek what prize is in store for his dedication and for his love, yet return he does not seem to appear, perhaps he shall be found when the colors in the valley do disappear, when the green lush fabric rejoin the grace of the majestic maze, perhaps the quester than shall be, buried next to a treasure deep.

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