Saturday, April 21, 2012


Remind me, what exactly was in that catnip again?

Linked to Photo Art Friday at Bonnie's Pixel Dust Art site.  It's a great place to check out some really amazing pieces of photoart.  I'm still getting the hang of the whole art aspect myself, but trying to learn as I go along.  The photo part I have done, well not actually either, but the turning it into art is a very fun learning process.  For some great examples of combining the photo and art elements please head over and enjoy the gallery.


  1. This would make a great Hallowe'en image. Spooooky!
    Thanks for linking up with Photo Art Friday, Fred.

  2. Like how area's were affected by the light source. Nice image. Thanks for sharing. I am visiting from Bonnie's PAF. Karen

  3. Super Fun photo/editing. Loved the caption too.