Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time Stamp. Irrelevant.


  1. Wow, Fred!! These are amazing! I love the texture and colors you used. Do you ever post the type of paint and the size of the painting? I'd be interested in knowing that as I look at them. Thanks for letting me know about this blog...very cool!

  2. haha, I just replied to the other blog, see you found this one. Glad you like them. Will I do post the paint once in a while, as in oil, waterpaint etc…and I could change the canvas if I wanted to, the program has all those features, but this is all digital art. I've never had the room to store actual paintings before, and now with my back and all I think working over an easel would be difficult for me, but I absolutely love working in this medium, it's so much fun and such a release. As I mentioned on your blog, I wish I was better at the tangible objects, I get really excited if I draw a cartoon character that I think looks good, but I have some books I work on for that, so one day. But I fell in love with abstract art years ago and just really got into painting about a year ago, once I got my mac.

    This piece was done with oil on normal canvas, The colors are scattered about filling up the entire canvas, and then I take out my best friend, the knife, and just play around until I get an inspiration as to what direction I should go. Typically I then start changing color schemes, which I absolutely love doing, as you can get completely different paintings and themes out of the same painting by simply changing the color scheme. I'd say take a look at some of my photography in here and if you have any tips as I know you're very good, just another thing I've gotten into recently. Anyhow, thanks. i really appreciate you checking out my other interests.