Monday, April 23, 2012

An Afternoon of words and birds

I usually get a line or two and write from there, this day though the titles came first.  All but numbers 2 & 5 turned out ok, the finished poems can be found on my poetry site.

This fella wanted to see what I was doing

When he realized I was actually quite boring he left

This one's taking the wide angle, sizing up the competition

A few were getting a good battle on, as this other one decided he was a lover, not a fighter.

And to the victor goes the spoils

I thought the Victor was owed a double take

The Victor was walking away from the battlefield

That guy that was walking around the outside, thought why not, let's see if the dumb-dumb left anything behind.

From a few days ago.  I've documented
my affinity towards parking lots numerous
times before, either on my blogs, or on other
social media avenues.  I just dig the early mornings,
where I can sit in my car, jam some metal without
worrying about waking anyone, or with some of
the things I'm into, disturbing them.  So to a 
parking lot I go.  I don't care much for the
crowded ones, although the people watching
aspect is fun too.  But I head to the most empty
one I can find, and with coffee in hand, I pull out 
a trusty little notepad I always keep in the car, jot
down whatever the heck comes to mind.  Most of the
time I number them, as I can trick myself into thinking
each idea then needs to be looked at, as one would do
a task.  

Then I write and if anything interesting goes on I take
photographs.  This particular day, I got to watch some
birds fighting over some food bag.  They can really go
at it too, unfortunately every time I tried getting them
in battle, I was either too early or too late.  I'm still trying
to get the whole timing thing down with photography.  Anyhow,
Just a quick snapshot of about forty-five minutes the other day.

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