Thursday, September 29, 2011

Conversations in the Dark

Just a little
Something I had thought of yesterday.
That despite the daylight and all the media that engulfs us all, and is so much apart of everyone's lives these days, that in essence we are all pretty much strangers still.

How we are all in the dark when in comes to how most others think and dream?

Sure we can carry on conversations, we do every day.  But words get skewed, ideas misrepresented and sometimes it feels like too much is going on around is that we wind up getting lost, and a darkness really looms large around us.

And finally, how each of us have our own likes, hates, wants and desires and ideas for our own lives and on worldly topic in general.

So I thought I'd try to represent this all in a piece and this is what I came up with.  Hope you all enjoy.


  1. Noisy with bang and pops. Wispy white trails seems to represent the many crowds aimlessly wandering here and there. Paw prints represent possibly our basic simple side, honestly I don't think it understands all this noise, walked in, turned around and walked out. Male symbols and no female symbols? :D The shape of the bubbles are different, I'm guessing they have different attitudes or topics? The most vocal of groups seem represented here, so it seems from those easily recognized symbols. But everything seems covered, even those who aren't exactly sure or have not properly determined what they stand for.

  2. Raven, you really felt the piece. That's great. Pretty much did a great job of summing up what's going on in here- many different attitudes indeed- My oversight, thought I included both male/female symbols in here- hopefully I'll be able to go back in and fix it up- thanks for noticing that. I love your idea about the paw prints- that was something that I put in their to try to add the notion that motion is still around us even if we can't see it, but to be perfectly honest I think your interpretation here is way better- thanks for the feedback- appreciate it as always:)

  3. Male symbols -- I actually thought you might have done that on purpose! :) The message being that the act of loudly voicing-out comes from more masculine attitudes of dominance and control, rather than the more feminine attitudes of submission and acceptance of ways.

  4. t's funny how you put that- I was going to include the female symbol as a central object in that section of the piece- to which the male symbols would be in heated pursuit- causing much of the ruckus- which ties in with the masculine attitude towards territory and competition- Either way it pretty much says similar things- love how your interpretations provide other ways of looking at things for me- in this case the ideas where similar, yet when you see an object or idea through one vantage point the form of that idea may not be as shaded as one would like- with two varying, yet near, interpretations providing a similar outcome of thought- it, at least I see it like this, offers another dimension to the notion itself- Thanks again- love your feedback:)