Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week Two Predictions

Last week the NFL season began again, and with it, fantasy leagues everywhere got going as well.  Last week I posted my predictions for each matchup.  I'll do the same for Week 2 in a moment, but first a recap of last weeks action.

I wound up going 4-2 in my predictions.  The scores I predicted were, for the most part, not very close.

1.  LegarrettesBlountWrap Vs. Blood & Thunder.
 I took LGBW last week, but Blood & Thunder had an unlikely performance from Rex Grossman and nearly all his players hit pay dirt leading to LGBW's demoralizing 148-108 loss.

2.  Deadliest Catch Vs. Iron Pigs

I took Deadliest Catch by a 15 point margin and that's exactly the way things panned out.  105-90.  If it wasn't for a 26 point performance by LeSean McCoy and a 19 point one by Cedric Benson, DC would've fell to the pigs.

3.  6Wide Vs. Mission: Repeat

Mission:Repeat got off to a rocky start, in a season filled with Repeat Championship dreams.  Instead, based on the stunning 26 pt. performance by Kenny Britt and another 17 chipped in by the Philly defense, 6Wide saw to starting a potential Championship hangover for M:R.  I took 6wide by a 3pt margin, the actual score 138-104

4.  Clean Slate Vs. Cinderella Story

I predicted Clean Slate would prevail in a predominantly underwhelming affair.  I was wrong on both accounts.  Cinderella saw a Brady like performance from his NE QB for 34 pts and another 22 from his Baltimore Defense en route to a 133-96 victory.  Clean Slate should come away feeling good about the 21 pts put up by his QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and the 31 put up by WR Wes Welker, laying claim that a pushover team they will not be.

5.  F Phily Vs Manning Vs. Food

I had a pretty good feeling MVF wouldn't be competitive in this one, but they still, with a waiver wire filled roster, put up 114 points, very admirable indeed.  But the power of hate drove F Philly to a league high 152 points based on strong performances by the majority of his roster.

6.  Repeal Obama Vs. 7 QBS Deep

I felt this matchup would be fairly close.  It turns out however that I greatly undersold RO's team where top performances were turned in by the majority of the roster as they put up 141 pts.  On a team that scored a mere 18 points combined out of the QB position.  7 QB's didn't fare nearly as well as injuries mounted and game plans became adjusted due to score, but they should get healthier as the season goes on.  Only 76 points were scored in this weeks most lopsided affair.

Week 2 Predictions

1.  Blood & Thunder Vs. 6 Wide

B&T can't expect to get 15 points from Rex Grossman every week, nor can he expect all his positional players to touch paint either.  This game shouldn't be a blow out, but looking over 6Wide's matchups and roster it doesn't look like B&T will get the prediction nod.  Perhaps they'll prove me wrong yet again.  6Wide 132- Blood & Thunder 118

2.  Repeal Obama Vs. Clean Slate

RO has the luxury of having his 3rd receiver, Robert Meachem, looking to receive additional looks this week as Colston is out for this matchup.  His overall team looks fairly strong, and it appears Henne earned the start over Alex Smith- We'll see how that one works out.  But Clean Slate doesn't look like he'll be in this one for very long.  I like Fitzpatrick against Oakland but Lewis is likely out and rest of matchups don't impress me much.  Repeal Obama 119- Clean Slate 86

3.  7 QB's Deep Vs. Iron Pigs

While neither of these teams seems to have marquis matchups, I do like Iron Pigs kicker this week, however I like the shoot out potential in the SD-NE matchup as the deciding factor here.  While 7QB's deep does have Phil Rivers in this regard, Iron Pigs has OchoCinco and Vincent Jackson.  It doesn't help much that Hakeem Nicks is questionable for monday night.  Iron Pigs 111 7QB's Deep 95

4.  LegarettesBlountWrap Vs. Cinderella Story

Cinderella Story had a Cinderella story take place for them last week.  i know the fantasy experts out there are all in sell-short mode on LGBW's big 3 of Charles, Blount and Johnson but I still like this team, one that put up a combined 16 points with these stud backs last week and still scored 108 points.  I'm going to think this through realistically.  Cinderella Story is on average a 100 point team, LGBW is on average a 120 point team at least, I'll go someplace in the middle.  LGBW 114 Cinderella Story 108

5.  F Philly Vs. Mission Repeat

If it weren't for the injury/matchup concerns I see for F Philly I'd probably take them here, but I like most of M:R's matchups and think they'll be enough to even out both squads records at 1-1.  Mission: Repeat 109  F Philly 101

6.  Deadliest Catch Vs. Manning Vs. Food

Deadliest Catch is a force to be reckoned with this year, one that if things keep rolling the way they did in week one, he won't need a rat deadline day trade to hope to make the playoffs this year.  Manning Vs. Food is behind the 8-ball and will continue to be so, all at the hands of a draft day debacle and the unfortunate loss of stud QB Peyton Manning.  They'll need to overperform each week and get a little lucky in most matchups.  This weeks no different.  DC 132 -MVF  103

I'll have my NFL predictions for Week 2 out shortly.  Enjoy the Fantasy Week 2.

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