Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week Three Predictions

In picking last weeks games I went 4-2 for the second straight week, meaning I've gone 8-4 for the season thus far.

Last weekends games had some interesting moments to say the least.  We saw some high scores and only one close contest.


Blood & Thunder 127  6Wide 120

This is one of the two games I had predicted incorrectly.  It was an extremely close game between these two perennial powerhouses, literally coming down to the second half of Monday Nights Giants-Rams game.  Despite the final score though, Blood & Thunder has to consider himself fortunate for pulling this one out.  With 34 viable points not-played, rotting away on his bench, and where he made the incorrect call on his last minute addition of the Bills defense that netted him a goose egg.  Additionally his young star receiver Mike Williams was held pointless after a touchdown grab was called back because of a penalty.  Despite all of this, luck seemed to fall his way, as the strangest things compounded for 6 Wides club, a poor game from his elite WR Roddy White being the least odd.  Mike Vick was shredding the falcons before an unfortunate hit saw kennels cheering everywhere, as Vick became concussed.  Then with his last chance for victory, where Mario Manningham needed a very doable 12 points also saw a concussion ending his game and 6 Wides chance for victory.

Cinderella Story 134  LeGarrettesbluntwraps 96.

This is the other game I picked wrong. This game really was never in doubt, despite LGBW's namesake going off against Minnesota.  The season that looked so promising post-draft just keeps getting worse for LGBW, seeing his Elite RB's either become non-factors or, in the case of Jamaal Charles, seeing his season end due to injury.  We've only played 2 games and while anything can happen and LGBW's team still has a slew of potentially elite players, you just get the feeling that this team, is in fact, cursed.

Iron Pigs 111  7 QB's Deep 88

Iron Pigs rebounded from a week one loss and 7 QB's team just hasn't seemed to get out of warm-ups.  

Mission Repeat 132  F Philly 117

Mission: Repeat saw some strong performances from his guys in week 2, a much needed victory for the reigning champs.  A loss here could have seriously derailed any chances for repeating.

Deadliest Catch 153  Manning Vs. Food 124

While MVF scored three Td's more than I had foreseen, DC is living up to his adjective, posting the second highest point total this week and showing no signs of letting up.

Repeal Obama 167  Clean Slate 79

The highest point total went to RO, putting up a staggering 167 points, seriously looking like a force to be reckoned with.  Clean Slate seemed to be a 2 trick pony and was never really in this one.  

Looking back at a season only two weeks old might be premature, but a few trends are coming into form for a few teams.  Clean Slate and 7QB's deep should be exploring potential trade possibilities sooner than later, and LGBW will probably try to increase some of his players market values before making his move in the trade arena, but it does seem like a trade or two are in his future as well.

Onto Week 3's Predictions:

7 QB's Deep Vs. Clean Slate

The two lowest scoring teams square off in a game that looks about as ugly as a Seattle-KC matchup would look right now.  But hey, someone has to win Right?  Well I guess a tie could take place but the odds of that aren't very likely.  I see this game coming down to the play of each teams QB's.  7QB's Rivers and Flacco seem to be a much better duo, with much better Matchups than CS's Fitzpatrick and Dalton on paper.  However I can see both SD and Baltimore gaining early leads this weekend which could lead to a second half run-fest in each game respectively while it would seem that both of CS's QB's will need to sling the rock around all game long, especially Ryan Fitzpatrick who, for the Bills to have any chance in this game, must try to keep pace with Brady.  Clean Slate 94  7QB's Deep 85

Manning Vs. Food Vs. Iron Pigs

A lot of oinking going on at the sty heading into this weeks game.  Iron Pigs brought their record to even after their win last week and you can feel the confidence they have as you look at the very favorable lineup of individual matchups on Sunday.  MVF should get productive games from Brees, Bradshaw and F-Jax but it doesn't appear to be enough.  Iron Pigs 106  MVF 93

Deadliest Catch Vs. Mission:Repeat

MR wants to string too good looking wins together but DC wants to continue it's brand of beatdown.  For DC you can see the potential in Big Ben, Hasselback, Maclin, McCoy and Holmes.  For MR you salivate thinking about Rodgers, Orton, Rice and Hillis.  I think this game will come down to what happens in the Sunday Night Game between Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.  If it's a tight game I can easily see all three of DC's players having a big game, but if it turns out to be a blow-out like I'm expecting it to be, you have to like MR's chances for back to back wins.  Mission: Repeat 117  Deadliest Catch 110

6Wide Vs. Cinderella Story

Will the Cinderella Story continue?  Will the concussions continue for 6Wide?  Vick looks like he's going to suit up against the Giants, a team that was scorched by Rex Grossman in Week one and then by Sam Bradford in week 2.  This leads me to believe that Vick will negate the destructive matchup Brady has against Buffalo.  Taking both of those players out of the equation I have to like 6Wide's remaining matchups over Cinderella's.  Slipper falls off this week.  6WIDE 121  Cinderella Story 115

Repeal Obama Vs LeGarrettesblountwrap

Who knows what the next misfortune for LGBW will be.  Maybe it's simply having to face a team that can drop 150 with ease.  Blowout style.  Repeal Obama 144  LGBW 99

Blood & Thunder Vs F&*# Philly

On paper this looks like a fairly close matchup.  But what the lineup doesn't show is the backstory between these two clubs.  B & T seems to make the Super Bowl every year, but like clockwork, F Philly seems to beat him every time the two clubs tee it up.  I like many of B & T's matchups this week but I have to like Sanchez, LT, Burress and Gronkowski, as this style of player are the ones that usually play well above their projection lines.  F&*# Philly 137  Blood & Thunder 121

Have a great football weekend.

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