Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fantasy Football League Week One Predictions

 Fantasy Football Week 1 Matchups
1.            LeGarrettesBlountWrap Vs. Blood & Thunder
There’s too much power for Blood & Thunder to overcome here.  With Foster looking like he’ll sit B & T will have to rely on his stud receivers, who get negated by LGBW’s QB’s throwing them the ball. Would need perfect storm to pull this one out.  LGBW  122   B & T  89

2.            Deadliest Catch Vs. Iron Pigs
Bad Matchups for the Iron Pigs.  Decent ones for DC. 
DC 105  Iron Pigs 90

3.            6 Wide Vs Mission Repeat
Close one but I’m not going to bet against 6 Wide where Vick could put up 30 and his receivers are not getting the love they deserve this week.  6 WIDE 114  Mission: Repeat  111

4.            Clean Slate Vs. Cinderella Story
Tough one to pick, as anything can happen.  You have lots of these players on both teams that can be feast or famine.  I’m going to go out on a hunch, on the basis that I feel Fitzpatrick will light KC up on Sunday and I really like Lloyd Vs. Oakland. Clean Slate 98   Cinderella Story 92

5.            F&^% Philly Vs. Manning Vs. Food
Without a roster filled in I can’t pick MVF here.  But even with considering the players out there still, I can’t come up with a scenario he wins.  FP 93  MVF 74

6.            Repeal Obama Vs. 7 QB’s Deep
This should be a good matchup to keep an eye on.  RO has 5 guys with chances for really nice production.  7 QB’s has 5 as well, but one of those is a kicker so I’m going with RO here, in an ultra-competitive game.  Repeal 98  7QB’s 97

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