Friday, July 27, 2012

Displaced Frames of Genetics Overthrown by The Return of Disrupting Inner Forces

Been out of sorts this week.  It happens from time to time, hopefully it will pass soon, always does and in fact, feels a bit like it does when that's exactly what will happen.  Feeling like you don't or more like can't do anything, then a day of a little mobility until all of a sudden back to normal.  Anyhow, not to pour my "issues" on you all, but this is just my explaining why so many days have elapsed since my last painting.

This piece was basically finished last week, with just a few touch-ups today.  I used one of the templates I had and played with it a little.  All I could muster.  Thanks again to everyone that stops by, I do appreciate it.


  1. thanks for the heads up...hope things snap back to reality for you in the next couple days....lots to visually stimulate in this one...

  2. It's lovely. The pattern and colors go so well together. You're going to turn me into an abstract painting lover yet! ha. Sorry you're feeling a little off....and that it passes soon.

  3. I really like this. The purples, blues and yellow are striking. You mention mobility in your post and that is what I see here in your painting...a lot of motion. I hope it is taking you in the right direction and you are feeling better.