Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mountain Moss

 Mossy rock wall.

This is the piece I created prior to doing the one I posted yesterday.  While it mainly did act as a template to the other piece, I definitely altered some things around with the knife, which I just can't get enough of btw.   Anyhow, with nothing really to post today, I thought I'd post this mossy rock wall, for it's own merits, in addition to being the "template" for the one posted yesterday.

very quick backstory here as well.  When i sat down I had no real idea what I wanted to paint, so I began as I often do, and just start filling the canvas up with colors and various brushes.  Well, with this piece, someone called me while I was doing this, and the conversation was kind of repeating itself over and over again, as it always does with this person, not a real knock, just how he is, so, I kept doodling while on the phone, never switching up the color scheme.

After I got off the phone I pulled the knife out, and wanted to create one of those cave entrances that are covered by a big mossy display that camouflages the entrance.  For those unfamiliar with what I'm referring to here, this idea is used a lot in adventure or survival stories, where people are lost in the woods or so forth and create the covering to shield them from the weather, animals etc…I believe this idea was even used on Gilligan's Island on an episode, not positive.

Anyhow, didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to, but in any case, here it is.

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