Monday, July 16, 2012

A World Unbalanced Flooded by Regretful Streams


  1. I really like your abstracts, Fred. This one is so interesting, esp in light of the title. I looked at it for quite a while. Would be cool to see really really big as in a museum to get more fully enveloped in its drama. I like how you;ve done the stream over the base, dark and brooding with the colour of lifeblood.

    1. Thanks. You know I wish I would've saved the piece as I was doing this one. I normally save it every so often during the process, because you just never know what you might want to work with at a later time. But the base in it's almost spiral, wraparound nature looked neat on it's own, then I added the abstract blend of stream into the piece, which I really like, but kind of would've been neat to post pre-stream. Glad you enjoy the abstracts, really have a lot of fun doing them, so that makes me feel good. Thanks again