Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paradise Island Retreat (For Creative Tuesdays)

Over at Creative Tuesdays, the theme is Paradise Island.  Boy, could've gone in a number of directions there, but, because of artistic limitations and my desire to keep this site as close to a PG rating as possible, I opted away from some of those other notions and went with a perfect scene at a beach, where you could spend time watching the beauty of the ocean, the alternating colors of the sky, any various animals that pass by your line of sight, sand, a bed (counting on it being rainless of course), fishing for one's supper, over an open fire of course, and naturally a small boat, in order to get back home when you long for that, again, counting on the waves to be gentle that day :)

Stop on over to Creative Tuesdays and see what the others versions of paradise Island prompted them to create.


  1. Very nice. Love the seagulls in the sky. The merge in the horizon is cool. Unending. :)

  2. Very nice, Fred. Had to laugh at your commentary...yes paradise can mean a lot of stuff that doesn't have anything to do with surf and sand! And your words painted a art necessary. lol.

    Love your ocean here...the white foamy waves and the seafulls. And wow..that's a little boat..don't loose that oar in the sand or you're arms are gonna get tired of paddling! lol!

    Really fun piece! It's interesting as I've looked at the entries so far, the all invoke a feeling of tranquility...I feel more relaxed already! ha.

  3. Wow, Fred what a painting. That could be matted, framed and hung in the Den. It just captures all good things at the beach. Love all the details you are so good at, and yes, I'll stay for a fish dinner, and watch the sunset. I especially love the sea gulls when you enlarge the picture.

    Really good always!

  4. Very nice! I love the colors of the makes the water look so peaceful. And your beach chair looks very relaxing, too. Your beach is more from a man's idea of paradise, with the fishing pole, camp fire and boat. I guess mine is from a woamn's point of view with the hat, sunglasses and umbrella drink : ) I didn't think about that until I saw your version. It's great how we all see the same place as our paradise, but with a different twist.

  5. love this Fred, you've put a lot of thought into this, works so beautifully!

  6. Ahhh, glittery sand, and seagulls overhead. How peaceful. A fire on the beach woudl be lovely too. Never done that.

    BTw, Iw as rather hoping someone woudl show one of the Gilligan island ladies for fun, maybe you? but oh well. :)

  7. Now that's camping! I think putting the bed there really ensures a pleasant sleep. And yes, there is something fantastic about fishing for your own dinner, isn't there? Love all the details you included!

  8. ha ha ha - yes, i agree paradise could mean any number of things! too funny -
    i like your humor.
    this is great could definitely spend some time here relaxing and staring at the waves!

    1. Haha, thanks. I appreciate that. I feel I have a pretty good sense of humor, but most of the time my jokes either go over peoples heads, are deemed inappropriate, or in many instances I'll lay out a joke, but I'll spend way to much time building the story up. So I learned that, for me at least, it's best to just use humor that I personally find entertaining, and in that it's really nice to see someone appreciate the humor. Glad you enjoyed this thanks

  9. Love the texture you have with this. Beautiful colours as well. All round a lovely island to be on.