Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 NFL Weekly Game Predictions Week 5

It took 4 weeks to get it right, but finally in Week 4, I had my first solid week of predictions.  I went 11-4 last week, which brings my season record up to 37-26.  I'm expecting similar results this week as there seems to be some lopsided contests.

Week 5.

Thursday Night

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams

Outside of divisional importance, the games played between Arizona and St. Louis hasn't been anything close to marquis in relevance over the past few years.  However, things seem to be heading in a different direction this year.  Arizona's, fueled by a defense playing at an all world level, and an offense that's been able to do enough for the win, is sitting, alongside Atlanta, atop the NFC, with an impressive 4-0 start to the season.  St. Louis is .500 after two weeks, which actually can be considered a surprise in and of itself.  While the Rams still seem to be struggling on offense, they do have a pretty underrated defensive unit themselves. They're philosophy seems to be right on par with with what Arizona's doing, play sound on defense, try to minimize mistakes, and hope you can win it late.  Thursday games are tough for both teams. And that said, I can honestly see this going in either direction.  But, I've got a hunch that tells me it'll be a low scoring game and will be won by St.Louis' impressive kicker.  StL 16-13

Sunday's Games

Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Dolphins

Miami's defense is for real, well, actually it's their run defense that's for real, they do have some trouble against the pass.  Fortunately for the Bengals, they are pretty good airing it out.  Cincinnati 23-16

Green Bay Packers @ Indianapolis Colts

While Andrew Luck has been impressive and while GB hasn't performed up to expectations so far, I feel there is much too far of a gap between these two teams and can't imagine a close game at all.  GB big. 38-17

Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs

I can't see KC being alive after half time.  Baltimore 28-7

Cleveland Browns @ NY Giants

Another blowout, but I think Trent Richardson will be able to move the ball against the champs.  NYG 35-19

Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Eagles have been winning and that's despite erratic QB play, injuries to the receiving corp and with their star RB being unspectacular so far.  Pittsburgh has not been the Steelers we've come to know either, exemplified by the loss to the Raiders.  But, Pittsburgh's at home and is coming off a bye, so in what I consider one of 3 toss up games this week, I'll go with the Steelers.  24-21

Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins

While Washington's been explosive and fun to watch, I can't see them staying with the Falcons for an entire game.  Atlanta 31-20

Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers

I like the Seahawks defense.  But I am not impressed at all with their offense.  That said, I'm not impressed by the Panthers either.  I think this game comes down to, as obvious as it sounds, the team that scores the most.  And for that, I like Cam Newton vs. Seattle's defense much more than Russell Wilson vs. Carolina's Defense.  Panthers 20-17

Chicago Bears @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Home dogs, that's what Jacksonville is, and there's so many reasons for the designation. Chicago is light years better in my opinion and it should show as such on Sunday.  Chicago 33-13

Tennessee Titans @ Minnesota Vikings

Locker's hurt, but Hasselbeck's no slouch, especially if CJ2K can string two quality starts together.  Vikings are a shocker so far this year, and I love what Ponder is doing and what Frazier's got his defense believing in.  Just think how good they could be if AP ever really get's rolling.  This could be that week.  Vikings 27-17

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots

Probably the best game of the week, and another coin toss game.  Again, I think it could go either way, but I'll take the Patriots for two reasons, neither very scientific.  1.) They're at home 2.) I hate the Patriots and want them to lose.  Therefore, they'll probably pull off a 45 point 4th quarter and win the game 55-54 as time runs out.  Lol.  But seriously, should be a fun game to watch.  Pats 38-34

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49'ers

I know you can't really do this type of math, but:  Buffalo lost by 20 points to the NY Jets in week one.  The Jets lost 34-0 to SF last week, so therefore, SF 54-0 ?  But, as painful it is to say this, I just can't see this game being close.  SF 28-14

San Diego Chargers @ New Orleans Saints

Is this the week NO gets a win?  Probably not, but the NFL's granted Coach Sean Payton and GM Mickey Loomis attendance privileges, so they can be in the stands to watch Drew Brees make history.  However, I think Ryan Matthews is going to shred this pathetic excuse for a run defense.  SD 37-24

Monday Night Game

Houston Texans @ NY Jets

Might have been a good game if things were different.  Houston hasn't lost yet and is rolling on all cylinders.  The Jets look hopeless at times.  Sanchez has no weapons now that Holmes is done for the year, and the defense can't stop anyone. But, perhaps this week will get to see a dose of Tebow time, one can hope right?  Houston big. 32-9

Enjoy Week 5, see you next week.

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  1. Nice call on the Rams game!

    I can't stand the Patriots, either.