Monday, October 8, 2012

Clash of the Sciences (For Creative Tuesdays)

When I think of breaking new ground, a few images instantly come to mind.  First is the ceremonially aspect, where people gather around a roped off area, typically upon an open lot, and inside the roped off area, you have some sort of speech that is normally followed by a smashing of a bottle of some kind.  Well, seeing I'm not really good with people, I chose to use the second image that came to mind.

Life and Death are the ground in the very sense of the word.  It is through life we get to death and where without death, life would be diminished in valuation.  Science I believe depicts life and death extremely well.  Here I think of chaos, the utter form of pure energy running amok, clashing into whatever comes near.  In this state of uncertainty, not only does Death change the existing course-lines, but through death new life springs.

Without going much further into what could quickly veer into a scientific-philosophical-psychological discussion, I'll just  say, Breaking ground is always, the end of one state and the start of a new state.  In some way or another, this has to be the case for the metaphor to mean anything at all.

Stop on over to Creative Tuesdays, were we're back up and running on a bi-weekly schedule.  The current theme is, but of course, Breaking New Ground.  Stop on by and check out all the other wonderful contributions linked up.


  1. interesting interpretation Fred, I see the energy and clash of forces, well done!

  2. Fred, I feel the "Clashing" very strong. You've accomplished the movement in this piece.

    I did also enjoy or narrative and explanation of your take on the theme.

    Very nicely protrayed!

  3. that's absolutely right, breaking new ground is both crisis and opportunity - show me an opportunity that doesn't bring along grave problems, and show me a catastrophe that doesn't have the seeds of new growth (BTW, totally with you on the 'people thing' LOL - right on)

  4. Great colors and lines, love the chaotic feel of it.

  5. Never thought of that before--how breaking new ground is indeed the end of one thing too, not just the start of something else. LOVEd reading your thoughts here. I coudl have easily read more scientific-philosophical-psychological discussion! :) Anyway, always enjoy it when you venture off intothe abstract as you do that so well. An interesting and compelling piece too. TY so much, Fred,