Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Outlets for Angst

“I’m a gangster,” Vito claims
just to douse that extra hope
away from his parents dream

“I set fires,” Dory does, watching
the flames build to voluminous peaks,
as the waters rage their violent breath,
to comfort the bystanders seek, yet never
move, not here, not now, loving the warmth
when the air’s far too cool

“I pick fights with strangers,” an unknown teen
says, “usually their much bigger than me, but it
makes no difference, as I don’t fight back, I won’t push back, it’s never been about none of that….instead, I want
to see, how bad they’ll beat me down, before they realize who
they are, in that moment, when kickback stands still.”

“I cut myself,” Oliver reveals, if only to regain the sense to feel.

Crows muster above the heads, like vultures do, but not as patient, hovering the carrion as it still walks, entrails and all…for it’s in their eyes…the future knows.

"Why so bleak, why so down, why so embarrassed, what's with that frown…how'd you expect to…do you even care…are you aware," YES.

Stop on over to the NewWorldCreativeUnion for their Weekly Wednesday Wake Up Call.  It's always a fun prompt and almost always exhilarates the creative sense.  This week Leslie Moon has offered a really atmospheric video, accompanied with the Haunting Violin of Max Ablitzer for our consumption.  She then goes on to tease us with thoughts of Poe.  Wasn't sure what direction this piece would manifest itself, but I simply let it go where the melody and scenery took me.  And then since I put this up on this blog, I accompanied it with a darker painting I'd yet to post.  Definitely check out all the NWCU does for the artistic community, not just poetry and Art, but all of it, literally.  And hey, join in, your more than welcome. 


  1. You are so in touch with the pain of youth. I worked with youth for twenty years and had my heart broken so many times. But also there was so much joy. Their enthusiasm for life was contagious. Love the painting!

  2. Fred
    your art and prose fit perfectly
    I'm glad you felt you could let the sounds pull you along - it's a great exercise in creativity.

    The commentary about youth and trying to find meaning is dead on - sadly too many die because they lose their way

    Also want to know how much your support for all of us at NWCU is appreciated. you are appreciated for your talent and your encouragement

  3. Now this is unique and creative, Fred... and very Poe-ish.

  4. it is pretty scary the things our kids get into these days...self destructive...and go so unnoticed....

  5. First off...the texture of your creative pieces is always amazing Fred...LOVE the layered effect of the painting...the dark and, the words? My god...this is fantastic...for not knowing where you were going, this is you even care...are you aware...YES...and now too, so are we. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  6. Hey yah Fred!

    Brilliant writing as always and a really good visual image too! What more can be said!

    Roger ☺

  7. The art's of chaos live blessed by crows!
    Great write, Fred!