Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ancestral Blood

Often do we embark on sojourns within,
dwelling thoughts upon those ne'er met,
where the blood refrain is identical to
what floe's haunt the veins in you.

Thoughtful essays prayed internal, traverse
history's tapestried veils, forging connections
you never new existed there…

Here we remember what we never could, dream in
memories never owned, hearing sounds-the whispers,
the elations and the moans-resonating as if was your drums
these initials melodies made aware

Staring intently upon a solitary object, perhaps a cracked tile or
a chipping of the ceiling's paint, comatose in nature you invoke the
hopes and dreams to which you and your ancestors shared…forging
a connection that no skeptic could dare understand, yet, freely you do beg your sires past, how the sacrifices they bestowed, today honor your purveyance, to each these relatives a kinship is born, to each, a thankful melody is hummed both calm and free, but it is the passion of remembrance that is owed, and in such gravities, your true inheritance here is shown….

Here, before the trance returns, you welcome the future, to eat upon your misery, to learn from each mistake you've made, to profit from your wisdom, a wisdom you let waste in grave, and pray, it is your smile they hold dearest through their most detrimental of days….

Stop on over to New World Creative Union, where, on this Halloween, they ask us to look back upon our ancestry and to pay credence to what their lives to you, this day, mean.


  1. For some reason the slideshow isn't working for me. I couldn't get it work last night so I thought maybe this morning but no which is too bad as I really wanted to see Fragilities Fragmented Imperative in more detail. They have your signature style and your work is progressing in complexity. The paintings really provide an excellent atmosphere for the verse which works on strong metaphors. I loved the melodies, dreams, and whispers all hints of everyone that came before and the legacy of a smile.

  2. Fred, I love this piece. "where the blood refrain is identical to what floe's haunt the veins in you"
    We do carry our ancestors in our blood and things we do reflect perhaps what they wished to do. My oldest daughter was doing some genealogy research and discovered an ancestor we knew nothing about. He was a journalist in England and to make the story short my daughter had so much in common with him even though they lived centuries apart.
    I love the art work also. Each one has a touch of red showing the DNA that flows through us and the second is boldly red. It is like our roots shouting, "We are here within you!"

  3. Wow, Fred...this has got to be one of my favorites...the trance...that place where so often we fall accidentally, not realizing the gift of the vision...the art is the perfect accompaniment...a fantastic response...Joanne hit it out of the park with this prompt...loving what's been brought to the table!

  4. This is great Fred! I love the art...each piece like a different veil and the mingling of blood. Your words are wonderful and the last stanza...great insights! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Fred
    I can tell you put alot of you into this piece
    great rembrance