Friday, December 16, 2011

The Chosen Path


  1. A complex piece employing a wide array of techniques. I like the compartments of color very much and the marbled brushwork. You've tagged it with wonder and I find myself wondering about the choices you've made and their meaning: color, line, composition. I find the piece quite intriguing.

  2. Yes this piece is pretty complex. Without ruining interpretation I'll talk briefly here. The central image is the semblance of a home. The geometric figure represents everything, as a grail type symbol. The door, if you look closely at the door you'll notice a, what I tried for, a scene out of Donte's Inferno, where the souls In Hell are screaming and crying to get out. The wavy line is a a path. The Colorful Crystal palace represents Shangri-la, and with the person in between, like a dream, which is supposed to be highlighted by the aquatic-like inset, was amidst a journey. The path will go in one of two directions, all depending upon the mythical symbol above, the grail to be reached. The bottom section is a grey pool, kind of like a mystic would use to see the future, well that's what it was intended to be, letting the seer gain a glimpse of this dream. The tag for wonder, is more like awe, where the image is so perfect and symmetrical in every way that it inspires the hope this person can reach the crystal palace of bliss. Really glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks